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  • How long have humans been in Cythera?

    Reading through the books and dialogues of Cythera, as compiled by Pallas Athene, this is the timeline I plotted out:

    0 Arrival of humans in Cythera
    Founding of Cademia?
    5 Founding of Odemia, as a hunting camp
    113 Founding of Catamarca as a retreat for the First Tyrant
    152 Mages exiled by First/Great Tyrant
    153 Founding of Pnyx by the exiled mages
    ?153 Discovery of the Headwater Ruins
    174 Second Tyrant builds Citadel in Catamarca
    180 Discovery of Cipher Manuscript in Pnyx
    184 Founding of Abydos, led by Tavara
    192 Destruction of Abydos, by Tavara & the Undine
    203 Missive by Diones the Elder re: Cult of Scylla
    216 Rise of Alaric, End of Third Tyrant's reign, fall of the Cult of Scylla
    219 House System of government under Alaric and the mages established
    303 Founding of Kosha by House Comana
    ?870-900 Year of the Game

    I'm especially wondering about that last entry, (apparently, when asked about Abydos, Selinus replies "Abydos was an offspring settlement from Pnyx some 700 years ago, but it was destroyed.") I guess it just seems odd to have six hundred years of silence there.
    And approximately what year do we consider it to be on the boards?

  • We carefully don't. :p Also, as Katerei observed a couple of days ago, the characters we use don't obviously age, either. Given that most of them are elvish in origin (or something else that's long lived), that's fair enough, but the next time I use Sideline in a 'future' story, like 'Dark Legacy' or 'For the Fun of the Game', I'm going to have to make it clear that he's gotten older.

    Hmm, with regard to your timeline, I seem to recall getting the impression from the game that Alaric had only been around about 400 years or so. I couldn't point you to anything definitive on that, though.

  • that would explain why I didn't know! :D

    I recall having the same impression about Alaric, which is part of why I feel unsure about the last entry on the timeline.

  • I think the TSs and such are supposed to occur about ten to fifteen years after the game.

    I'm not certain, but I think that Alaric is supposed to have been Land King for seven hundred years or so.

  • In answer to your question about when the game takes place:

    @dusk_bot, on May 14 2006, 05:34 PM, said in Cythera Timeline:

    ...It seems that the game takes place in around the year 918, as Hadrian tells you that his mother passed away "recently" and she died in 917.

    005: Odemia is settled as a hunting village "5 years after our arrival from Thera". -Mage Anisa

    113: Catamarca "founded in 113 as a retreat for the first Tyrant". -Mage Anisa, Spas of Catamarca

    152: The First Tyrant “exiled the Mages in 152.” from Cademia. -Mage Anisa, History of Kythera

    153: Pnyx "...founded in 153 by the exiled Mages...” -Mage Anisa

    158: Chrysothemus born (Alaric’s mother). -Gravestone in Catamarca

    174: “174 when the Second Tyrant built the Citadel.” -Spas of Catamarca

    180: Cipher Manuscript discovered in "...the bottom of a chest in the library oh Pnyx." -Histroy of the Cipher Manuscript

    184: Abydos founded “In 184... down the coast from Pnyx.” -Mage Anisa

    192: Abydos destroyed "...when all communication from there was cut off. When an expedition was sent, they discovered everybody gone from the settlement, but no sign of violence.” -Mage Anisa

    201: Chrysothemus dies (Alaric’s mother). -Gravestone in Catamarca

    203: Diones the Elder personally begins investigations into the "Cult of Scylla" -Report on Hidden Chiefs and the Cult of Scylla

    216: Alaric “...appeared in 216. He ended their rule.” -Mage Anisa

    219: The "...current system of government was established" and the "...return of us Mages.” -Mage Anisa

    303: Kosha is founded by “...House Comana in 303.” -Mage Anisa

    663: First golem "...created...by a mage whose name is obscured in history." -Mage Anisa

    700: Golems are "...still being created" despite known problems. -Mage Anisa

    720: Golems "...had been outlawed," and "...an attempt to destroy existing 'wild' golems was begun." Mage Anisa

    742: Unknown event. -Rings through-out Cythera bearing the inscription “742 - Will to Union”. Semius the golem hunter "...disappeared here in Cademia..." -Mage Anisa

    870: Lyons born (Hadrian’s father). -Gravestone in Catamarca

    873: Andra born (Hadrian’s mother). -Gravestone in Catamarca

    878: Hapmondis born (unknown). -Gravestone in Catamarca

    882: Andromache born (unknown). -Gravestone in Catamarca

    910: Lyons dies (Hadrian’s father). -Gravestone in Catamarca

    917: Andra dies (Hadrian’s mother). -Gravestone in Catamarca

    918: Andromache dies (unknown). Hapmondis (unknown) dies. -Gravestones in Catamarca

    I think the 600 years of silence (or about that) is because during that time Alaric ruled benevolently and effectively; there is little to talk about with no uprisings or cults etc.
    As for the date on the Webboard-Cythera... not more than 50 years after the game, is my guess, as many of the characters (such as Hadrian, Lindus) are still alive.

  • Well done, Dusk, very definitive. :)

  • Very nice! I think I'll borrow it for a while....

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