#cythera is dead...

  • ...and a channel full of people stood by and watched.

    (5:02pm) Ratatosk: wow
    (5:02pm) Ratatosk: its like dead now..
    (5:03pm) • Katerei digs a grave buries the channel
    (5:03pm) Katerei: +and
    (5:20pm) Katerei: yes, sir, it definitely appears to be dead
    (5:20pm) Katerei: it shows no signs of attempting to revive itself
    (5:21pm) Katerei: is there any hope, private?
    (5:21pm) Katerei: signs point to no, sir
    (5:21pm) Katerei: that's bad news, private, bad news indeed
    (5:21pm) Katerei: yes, sir, i'm afraid so
    (5:22pm) Katerei: private, call in reinforcements
    (5:22pm) Katerei: ......we have none, sir
    (5:22pm) Katerei: what?!
    (5:22pm) Katerei: we have nothing?
    (5:23pm) Katerei: sir, all lifeforms have been rendered immobile and unconscious
    (5:23pm) Katerei: well, then, we'll have to call in.... the robotry!
    (5:24pm) callahan: Robotry. reporting. for. duty.
    (5:24pm) Katerei: ummm.... right then
    (5:25pm) Katerei: robot, it's all up to you now
    (5:25pm) Katerei: the private and i are the only hu-mans left alive
    (5:25pm) Katerei: you have to face the deadly...... SILENCE!
    (5:26pm) Katerei: sir, we're going to run out of supplies soon
    (5:26pm) Katerei: i know, private. i know.
    (5:26pm) Katerei: .......it was good working with you, sir. thank you for being my commander.
    (5:27pm) Katerei: same to you, private. at the very least, let's go down fighting nobly.
    (5:28pm) • Katerei carpetbombs the enemy, destroying everything in sight, and crashes into a mountainside
    (5:28pm) Katerei: .......

  • Tsk tsk, look what happens when I leave :P

  • I was present in spirit, even if not in being. :p

    I have logs of this. ;)

  • He prints out the logs and reads them in bed. They give him a warm, fuzzy feeling.

  • i get warm fuzzy feelings inside when i have mold growing in my stomach.

  • :blink:

  • Everything is dead at this time of year. #cythera is dead, the Tavern is dead, the (Redux) is mostly dead.
    Or perhaps they are hibernating, sleeping through the snow-flurries of homework. Time will tell, Time must tell!

  • I think it's due to a lot of people are going back to college right now; in addition, some of our most prolific posters (such as CrazyChick) are away right now.

  • You guys are complaining the boards are dead because we now have eight topics used in the last 24 hours instead of twelve? Were you here two years ago? :p

  • I didn't join until about two years ago, but I recall even lower points than that. The lowest point that I can recall was when there was only one or two topics on the board and the last one (The Alliance of Living Things) hadn't been posted in in some time.

  • Indeed. I'd say the board's pretty active, though.

  • @buzzzzy_bot, on Jan 20 2007, 06:13 PM, said in #cythera is dead...:

    Indeed. I'd say the board's pretty active, though.

    I think that recently it has been the most active that I have ever seen it be (a good example of this is the record pace for the last TS).

  • i just saw something horrifying... sort of like seeing the inner workings of a cow, that deep dark void that no mortal should ever look upon. the creepiest part is i even told BreadWorldMercy the other day that OperServ wouldn't go down because that would mean the server had died. after trying multiple times to connect to the server, it finally worked and i saw-


    (7:00pm) OperServ joined the chat room.
    (7:00pm) OperServ was promoted to operator by berserkir-mini.ambrosiasw.com.
    (7:01pm) Nadia joined the chat room.
    (7:03pm) Frinkruds joined the chat room.
    (7:04pm) Frinkruds was promoted to operator by you.
    (7:04pm) Nadia was promoted to operator by you.
    (7:05pm) Nadia made this room secret.
    (7:05pm) Nadia changed this room to allow anyone to change the topic.


    oddly, there are two OperServs in the channel at the moment. O.o

  • (06:44) <Jehezekel> Alone with OperServ

    We also seem to be limited back to a nine character limit on nicks

    This post has been edited by Jehezekel : 22 January 2007 - 07:53 AM

  • <Num453> Oh no, Zaphod's not here.
    <Num453> !seen Zaphod
    <Nadia> Num453, Zaphod (~Zaphod@S01060002b360aacd.vc.shawcable.net) was last seen joining #cythera 14 hours 4 minutes ago (22.01. 12:05), but Zaphod mysteriously dematerialized.

    I am very upset!

  • Its in the Channel Topic, but apparently you will need to reregister your nick names and the rest.

    For those of you that didn't register, might be a good idea ;) . I took the liberity of putting the commands below for those who don't know them.

    /msg NickServ register <pass>
    /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <pass>

    Just to clarify, <pass> is the pass that you want assigned to your nick name to let you identify that it is you. Ex: "Dark: /msg NickServ register(or Identify) rawr"

    Also does anyone use the memo service, or is that just me (as of 6:18 PST AM)?


  • Memo service? What's a memo service?
    I don't recall knowing of its existence.

  • -Nadia- Selax (~) was looking for you on #cythera 3 hours 14 minutes ago (23.01. 03:49).
    <Num453> !seen Selax
    <Nadia> Num453, Selax (~) was last seen quitting #cythera 3 hours 14 minutes ago (23.01. 03:49) stating "" after spending 50 seconds there.
    <Num453> I think he just came on to look for me ^_~
    <Num453> !seen Zaphod
    <Nadia> Num453, Zaphod (~) was last seen joining #cythera 18 hours 59 minutes ago (22.01. 12:05), but Zaphod mysteriously dematerialized.
    <Num453> !seen Katerei
    <Nadia> Num453, Katerei (~) was last seen quitting #cythera 9 hours 16 minutes ago (22.01. 21:49) stating "Quit: if you don't look, I'll force you to." after spending 4 hours 17 minutes there.
    <Num453> !seen Madaya
    <Nadia> Num453, Madaya (~) was last seen quitting #cythera 2 days 21 hours 4 minutes ago (20.01. 10:02) stating "Quit: Madaya" after spending 13 minutes there.
    <Num453> !seen Argent
    <Nadia> Num453, Argent (~) was last seen quitting #cythera 46 minutes ago (23.01. 06:20) stating "Quit: The Phantom of the IRC was here!" after spending 2 hours there.
    <Num453> !seen Dark
    <Nadia> Num453, Dark (~) was last seen quitting #cythera 3 hours 52 minutes ago (23.01. 03:14) stating "Quit: pops out of existance" after spending 7 minutes there.
    <Num453> !seen Tyrael
    <Nadia> Num453, Tyrael (~) was last seen quitting #cythera 8 hours 21 minutes ago (22.01. 22:45) stating "Quit: Who writes quit messages anyway?" after spending 12 minutes there.
    <Num453> !seen Mackilroy
    <Nadia> Num453, Mackilroy (~) was last seen quitting #sfbeta 1 day 13 hours 21 minutes ago (21.01. 17:45) stating "Quit: Lead on, Gage" after spending 50 minutes there.
    <Num453> !seen cache22
    <Nadia> Num453, cache22 (~) was last seen quitting #cythera 1 week 6 hours 48 minutes ago (16.01. 00:18) stating "Quit: I shall return! Maybe?" after spending 2 hours 28 minutes there.
    <Num453> !seen CrazyChick
    <Nadia> Num453, CrazyChick (~) was last seen quitting #cythera 6 days 21 hours 7 minutes ago (16.01. 10:00) stating "Quit: Toodles, I must away!" after spending 38 minutes there.
    <Num453> !seen Wizard
    <Nadia> Num453, Wizard (~) was last seen quitting #cythera 1 week 7 hours 30 minutes ago (15.01. 23:38) stating "Quit: "Say Goodnight, Gracie."" after spending 52 minutes there.
    <Num453> !seen Kickme
    <Nadia> Num453, kickme (~) was last seen quitting #uplink 13 hours 9 minutes ago (22.01. 17:58) stating "Quit: Mmmmmmm, bananas" after spending 46 minutes there.
    <Num453> !seen Heero
    <Nadia> Num453, Heero (~) was last seen joining #cythera 14 hours 38 minutes ago (22.01. 16:30), but Heero mysteriously dematerialized.

    I wonder if there's a connection between Zaffy and Heery? Does anyone understand it? I'm worried about Zaffy! Oh, and Heery of course :P

  • @breadworldmercy453_bot, on Jan 22 2007, 10:15 AM, said in #cythera is dead...:

    I wonder if there's a connection between Zaffy and Heery? Does anyone understand it? I'm worried about Zaffy! Oh, and Heery of course :p

    yes, actually. Heero is an argumentbot, but after the initial fiasco resulting in us both getting silenced, that module was disabled. now he just sits there and idles.

  • The board is most certinly not dead, and college is hard... so why dosen't sombody call the wha-m-bulance. I can hear its sirens in the distance. moral: stop whining. and start posting. (75, I feel behind given my start date)

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