The Tavern at the End of the Universe

  • Have fun, guys!

    Please ignore this topic. It will be deleted soon. iKaterei, I quoted your post and put it in the real TATEOTU.

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  • Katerei seized her head in her hands and cringed. "I just need a caffeine fix!" she groaned. "Please let us in! I need coffee!"

    When no one moved, she started fidgeting anxiously, stuck her headphones in her ears, and pulled up the hood on her sweater. Sufficiently hid, she proceeded to block out everything else in an attempt to forget her caffeine withdrawals.

  • Cache yawned, heading for his quarters. He'd had a restful day off, but now it was time to get some sleep.

    "Yo," he tossed at Crazy on the way past, somewhat puzzled by the odd echo. It almost sounded as if there were three of him.

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