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  • The Cytherian Web Board's "Burning Crusade"

    Spring is in full bloom*, and love is in the air! In the spirit of the season, I'm encouraging you to unleash your inner Cupids and try to come up with the corniest, mushiest, heart-fluttering, romantic poem (or prose) you can think of. Any style is okay, as long as it fits the theme.

    Oh, and watch out for the mistletoe!

  • roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    this poem sucks
    Valentine's does too.

  • due to lethargy
    i don't care
    to make this poem
    rhyme, so you
    can take valentine's day
    and shove it up your ass,
    along with white
    day and
    PS. if you like this holiday, have fun, if you want.... :rolleyes:

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  • Your eyes are like eyes
    And your nose like a nose
    Your ears serve their purpose
    As well do your toes
    Your head's where it should be
    As well as your feet
    The placement of your kneecaps
    Just can't be beat
    Your joints, they all pivot
    And your spine, it can flex
    Your brain surely can tell
    Them what to do next
    Your voicebox can vibrate
    To make song or speech
    Shaped by your tongue and
    Your lips and your cheeks
    What more could I want
    Than a properly
    Functioning companion
    To spend time with me

  • My dearly beloved,

    They say "happiness is a golden poem" Well, you give me happiness, so this is a haiku about gold, to express my love for you.


    Really shiny gold.
    The best thing in my life. Ever.
    Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.

    Mr. S

  • Animal magnetism is overrated. This (heavy tractor emitter) is just overengineered.

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  • Love.
    For some.
    Is not pleasant.
    These folks are dull.
    They should have more sex.


  • Roses are black,
    Dresses are black.
    I'm sorry I ate
    Your heart as a snack.

  • ((OOC: I wrote this for something else, but it fits well.))

    At the edge of seas of love,
    I look across the shore,
    gaze upon an Angel’s face,
    and could not wish for more.

    You have cheered my somber soul,
    your brilliant smile stills my heart,
    these gifts I would return to you,
    though I know not where to start.

    So great is your beauty,
    you would shame a perfect rose,
    none could hope to match you,
    a truth all of heaven knows.

    I could sing of you for ages,
    till my voice would cease to climb,
    and if this would make you happy,
    I would love you for all time.

  • my heart is as mushy as this poem
    it's a puddle of girly goo
    squishing around in my insides like jello
    it looks a bit like-

    the blood running in my veins
    feels a lot like sap
    i hate sappy poetry
    it's a piece of-

    my love is like a vegetable
    it's corny, i admit-
    soft and yellow like your heart of gold
    this poems sounds like-

  • Light, love,
    lost in sauce,
    sights see in night,

    radience is pure of cadence,
    truth lies sooth,
    now bow,

    "pie int he sky,
    bye and bye,
    my my,
    thats a lie."
    -Utah Phillips,

  • Like an angel's wings,
    My love does spread.
    I'd like to give you
    Bright roses of red.
    A box of chocolate
    And a kiss or three.
    Only with you
    Am I truly free.

    To say what I like,
    And do what I will,
    A tui is singing,
    A fine, lilting trill.
    This beautiful song,
    It is singing for you -
    I'm no good at poems,
    But this one will do.

    (I'm really not very good at poetry, but I felt I had to join in.)

  • Loving is something
    You cannot obtain
    When you are haughty, self-centered, or vain

    It makes one chuckle
    To see the suprise
    On the face of the one who will not believe his eyes

    What did he just say?
    Is that even legal?
    He quickly adopts an attitude regal

    I will put an end
    To this terrible sin
    Not by confrontation, more sneakily I will win

    I'll say that I care
    I'll cover my bum
    Then I'll stab in the back and away I will run

    And woe be to justice
    And woe be to reason
    But this sort of behaviour is not seen as treason

    For the power obsessed
    Love will never come
    Unless it is fake, which is given by some

    For there lies the difference
    'Twixt charisma and yearning
    One of us already knows it, it is you who are learning

    So if you want love
    From this community
    I suggest you stop trying so hard, you see

    For getting involved
    In each little thing
    Will really not let you, in the end, win

    Anything of value
    I assure you, it's true
    I suggest you find one place, and just try being you

    But if this is who you are
    And you're telling the truth
    Then you'll get no love from me, jerk.

  • ah, Hamster, that was brilliant... wipes away a tear

  • wow, that tops the bill.

  • Just beautiful.

  • My heart burns for you.
    I hope that I fell in love
    with a firefighter.

  • #1
    A pirate walks into a bar,
    He/she says yarrrrr,
    As bare bar impacts his beer belly,
    He/she shouts GARRRRR,

    HAR HAR HAR...I been a bit of a pirate speech (its a good thing).

    my non demonitional, spiritual/religious leader, should I choose to believe in one,

    my non demonitional, spiritual/religious leader, should I choose to believe in one,

    got Unitarinism?

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