What Kind of Roleplayer Are You?

  • Poll: (Stories count as roleplaying, read the post before voting if you're confused) (20 member(s) have cast votes)
    Select the one that best represents your preferred style
    I like battles, smashing things in to get better loot and experience to improve my stats
    (1 votes [5.00%])
    Percentage of vote: 5.00%
    I like battles, but I don't mind the occasional adventure played out through non-combat storytelling
    (4 votes [20.00%])
    Percentage of vote: 20.00%
    I like a good mixture of both
    (6 votes [30.00%])
    Percentage of vote: 30.00%
    I prefer focusing on the story a bit more, but I don't mind the occasional fight to spice things up
    (8 votes [40.00%])
    Percentage of vote: 40.00%
    I'd rather immerse myself in the story by describing my interactions through prose. Mental challenges > physical fighting.
    (1 votes [5.00%])
    Percentage of vote: 5.00%

    I'm a little curious in seeing where everyone falls on the spectrum. If you play pen-and-paper games (or even online computer games), pick the option that best describes you. If you haven't played those kinds of games, but have posted in the stories, well, you have roleplayed another character to an extent, so use that as the basis for your experience. (except instead of rolling dice for battles, substitute in describing battle scenes for the first option and situations where you have to solve a puzzle or use political intrigue, etc., to be successful, for the fifth option and find your balance point)

    This is purely for interest, I'm not going to sell your anonymous responses to third-world countries or anything. I just think it'd be neat to see where the "community" as a whole lies.

  • I think most people will end up in the 4th category, we all like Cythera, in which the fighting really does take a back seat to story-line.

    On the other hand, I am addicted to Diablo 2, which can't possibly be described as having a "storyline", and couldn't stand Neverwinter Nights. I guess there is too much difference in game play to really make comparisons, though.

  • I haven't answered because I'm not sure which one to answer. I think it would be the second one, or maybe the third one; but I noticed in Yesterday's Dawn that I'm much better at writing dialogue than action @_@

  • Probably the second choice. None of those choices describe me well. I play a rogue best, which means "smashing things in" is not even close to my playing style.

  • @dusk_bot, on Jan 29 2007, 12:03 AM, said in What Kind of Roleplayer Are You?:

    I am addicted to Diablo 2, which can't possibly be described as having a "storyline"

    DII can't, in any way, be considered an 'RPG', no matter what anyone may try to tell you. Same goes for Dungeon Seige. DSII was a little closer, but was still borderline.

    @breadworldmercy453_bot, on Jan 29 2007, 03:17 AM, said in What Kind of Roleplayer Are You?:

    I noticed in Yesterday's Dawn that I'm much better at writing dialogue than action @_@

    Action is, without a doubt, the hardest thing to write. On this board, DesertFox does it better than anyone else; but even with his, I get bored by the third hack or slash. If the outcome of the battle is never really in doubt, why spend too much time on it?

  • I've never played pen-and-paper RPG's, but I do play computer RPG's, in which case my first choice would be option 2. When I'm playing a game for amusement, the battle seems to be far more important to me than the story. However, if I am the one writing the story for TSs or such, I tend to have the plot foremost on my mind. I voted for option 3 as a soft, warm, and fuzzy compromise. :p

  • I was torn. It all depends on what time I wake up in the morning. The earlier I get up, the more I want to mash something to pulp. :D But most of the time I prefer a storyline.

    (EDIT) And I only just realised I have 400+ posts. Eleven posts past 400, to be exact. (/EDIT)

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  • So you've been posting just to increase your post count so you can get a shinier member title? ;)

  • I think I'll go with option three.

  • Of course not! That was furtherest from my mind, O Glorious Moderator. :p
    I prefer quality, but I do a lot of quality posts. If I have any post less than two lines, it's because I had to hang the washing or something similar.

  • I really am not sure, most of the RPing I do is CRPGs. I'm not familiar with DII, but assume that Rogue Likes are similar, they're great turn-based hack-and-slash, but not RP. the Exile games have too much reliance on levelling up, but the storyline is pretty decent. Cythera is the only CRPG who's RPG-hood I would really take time to defend.

    The Living-Room LARPing of my brothers and I tends toward "Street Fighter II", and I am proud to say that we have yet to knock the bookcase down!

    I don't like Monopoly, which seems to be more of an RPG than the Rogue-ish "RPGs"

  • ROll playing is good n' all, but the battles are where it's at. THe puzzle is simplu unrealistic, I have never busted into a house with gates and a secret door or lever. The real fun is in the uncertain battles, I have played several RPG's where I die, or am captured. Sad story to end up as a slave. plus CrazyC. WE started about the same time and I try to post good stuff. SO either you are on~4-5 hours a day...or some of your posts are sloppy-er thatn mine. er... somthin'. miss I-got-400-posts.(sorry, miz, I dont know your marital status).

  • After great debate I've chosen option three. Story is very important to my writing, but at times I like to infuse that with thrilling, detailed action sequences. Written properly the two serve to enhance one another well.

    I also try to keep such battles vibrant and short, to avoid problems like Cache mentioned.

  • @cgends_bot, on Jan 30 2007, 06:12 AM, said in What Kind of Roleplayer Are You?:

    (sorry, miz, I dont know your marital status).

    At 13, one would hope she's single. ;)

  • @cache22_bot, on Jan 29 2007, 02:06 PM, said in What Kind of Roleplayer Are You?:

    At 13, one would hope she's single. ;)

    She's thirteen and writing like this ().o

    I feel I'm doing her a disservice by not clapping.

    Applause for CC

  • /me joins in the applause

    I don't hold puzzle-solving to be RP, it's the interaction between Characters. Battles and Puzzles are a diversion, to keep the essential role-playing alive.

  • CrazyChick bows.

    Thank you everybody!
    cgends, I am on for 2 to 2 1/2 hours a day, and I can read very fast. I'm also flexible with my ideas for posts, so I can make up a decent post in ten minutes.
    Oh, and I can write like I do because my tyrannical teacher heard about my vocabulary, and demanded an excessively high standard. Comes in handy occasionally.
    I thank everyone again.

  • @jehezekel_bot, on Jan 29 2007, 07:40 AM, said in What Kind of Roleplayer Are You?:

    I don't like Monopoly, which seems to be more of an RPG than the Rogue-ish "RPGs"

    If you're referring the board game (which I doubt from the context), I like/dislike it at times, mostly because I never win but I keep coming back to it...

  • I like smashing things.

  • If it's actual role play, then you're assuming the role of a character, deciding what they'd think, how they'd act, and how they react to other characters and situations. If you're just smashing things up, there's precious little room for character development other than watching statistic numbers climb.

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