Things to not say in a forum thread

  • Phalanxes of igloos skipping past the window.

    I challenge everyone here to a randomness contest! We need a third party to be the judge. Volunteers?

  • I elect a ravaging horde of pink pandas to moderate this intensely debacled debate!

  • No, no, no! Minus ten random points! It makes too much sense!
    I suggest someone like Avatara. Unless he wants to join in the fun.

  • I never said I was being random. In fact, if you knew me well, you might be able to predict that exact string of text. Ask Avatara; I've ranted to him about pandas on a couple of occasions. He might still be afraid to go to sleep :)

  • You get your random points back because I cannot see how that could possibly make sense.

    Here's today's contribution:
    Last night I dreamt I was cycling around town at 12:30 am with a friend who lives in Wellington.

  • Last night I had a strange dream, but I don't remember what it was. :p

  • I object to being called a pink panda.

  • Mike went to a shop and saw a happy hamper and decided to smack in a sky slob because pancakes were worst food in his oppinion because they blew skies up.

  • Some say that bowling alleys got big lanes (got big lanes! got big lanes!)
    Some say that bowling alleys all look the same (look the same! look the same!)
    There isn't a line that goes here that rhymes with anything (anything! anything!)
    Last night I had a dream, but I forget what it was (what it was! what it was!)

    Take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling...

    (edit)Again, to clarify, this is not random; it's completely connected(/edit)

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  • I made a paper-golem at work today...

  • Paper-golems are fun to play with because they are harder than rockgolems and like to make up words and you end up playing games with the universe while a person behind you starts singing lullabies and Mr. Blob wakes up to find he lost his sock somewhere in a basket of magical keyboards in which he went to because he used to feel bored a few meters ago.

  • I gave her "barber-pole blue" eyes today, she lives in the trash-can.

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