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  • Death is only the beginning...

    Rio (Ree • Oh)
    Max Health: 157
    Height: 5’ 9”
    Weight: 160
    Max Mana: 25
    Approx. Level: 15
    Body: 27
    Reflex: 29
    Mind: 30

    Rio is from the south. He grew up on a small farm to the southwest of Kosha. He is a dark skinned individual who appreciates a game of dice and some drink at the end of a hard day. When he was but a child he was saved from the bandits who had killed his parents by theKestrel, and has had fierce loyalty to him ever since. This unswerving loyalty and love has filtered down to all who have contact with him. The entire Gelia Force is very aggressive in their service to theKestrel.

    Rio is third-in-command of the Gelia Independent Force. His superior is Barak, and in turn theKestrel. Rio is known for his tracking abilities and quickness of mind. He wears a good quality light weight ring mail about his chest and to his elbows. He prefers a metal cap to a full helm. He bears the sword Koilsine, a coming of age gift from theKestrel. It’s only unusual properties are an undullable edge and an uncanny lightness. He usually fights two-handed and without a shield, although he has been known to carry a light shield when fighting mounted.

    He is known to possess an amulet. One cannot be certain as to effects, although he seems to be more virile than others, and can also heal those who are very close to death. Any other effects are unnoticeable.

    His main weakness is that he is smaller than almost all of his enemies, although he is well muscled.

    And so the problem remained; lots of people were mean, and most of them were miserable, even the ones with digital watches. Many were increasingly of the opinion that they had all made a big mistake in coming down from the trees in the first place. And some said that the trees had been a bad move and that no one should ever have left the oceans.

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  • Gelia Indepent Force

    Health Ranges: 90 - 160
    Height Ranges: 5’ 8” - 6’ 9”
    Weight Ranges: 150 - 275
    Mana Ranges: 20 - 45
    Body Ranges: 25 - 45
    Reflex Ranges: 25 - 47
    Mind Ranges: 25 - 40
    Level Ranges: 12- 17

    The Gelia Independent Force is a highly trained, and very deadly fighting force. They are under the lead of theKestrel. Their needs are completely paid for, along with an additional wage for luxuries. They are fiercely loyal to theKestrel, and many of them owe their lives to him, so in turn they dedicate theirs to his. They are a mixed lot, coming in many different nationalities and backgrounds. They have experience in all areas, although each one tends to have his own specialties.

    The Gelian’s are the best equipped force known. Their blades have all been manufactured by Eioneus himself, to the extent of his abilities. Eioneus was only too willing to help theKestrel’s cause, as he had been deceived by Talos in his younger day, and sees the evil Talos represents now. Their helms, shields, and ring-mail are manufactured by Milcom. Milcom partakes in every part of their creation, working in concert with techniques adapted from Eioneus to produce better quality products. Milcom has dedicated himself to anything that will kill Talos. Milcom’s family was killed by Talos, and Milcom was driven into hiding until theKestrel came upon and recruited him. The Force tends to rely on speed and agility rather than brute force tactics, for this reason they armor themselves with lighter protection, which nears heavier armor in its protection abilities.

    The Gelian’s are provided with two rings each. The rings appear to have the same effects, although some effects may not be known. They make the Gelian’s harder to hit, and give the Gelian’s faster health regeneration and protect them from magics which affect the mind.

    The Force tend, as a group, to lean towards the fighting arts, rather than magical means. There are perhaps a dozen men who are adept at magic, although they can all heal, though the skill they possess in healing is highly variable.

    The Gelia Indepent Force is at a disadvantage only when they are surrounded by masses of enemies. This is when their mobility is impaired, which then causes their light armament to be a disadvantage.

    The Gelians have ceased to be an effective fighting force. Their numbers were virtually destroyed in the Battle of Pnyx, and the few that remain refuse to fight under any but theKestrel.

    And so the problem remained; lots of people were mean, and most of them were miserable, even the ones with digital watches. Many were increasingly of the opinion that they had all made a big mistake in coming down from the trees in the first place. And some said that the trees had been a bad move and that no one should ever have left the oceans.

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  • Trundaylan (Trun•day•lan)
    Race: Human
    Age: 27

    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 130
    Max health: 142
    Max mana: 56
    Approx. Level: 21

    Mana (15)
    Casting (14)
    Attack (10)
    Defense (10)
    Sword (15)
    Shield (12)

    Trundaylan is a light tan-skinned human. He is usually seen in the shiny battle armor of the Zakarum priests. The Zakarum are a secret order of paladins who heal people in the land of Cythera, but under a different name than Zakarum.

    Trundaylan carries a strong shield and an ancient sword Demonslayer. This sword is not magical, but instead finely crafted to do a decent amount of damage to an enemy. Trundaylan's shield also has the symbol of the Zakarum on it.

    The spells Trundaylan knows are mostly healing spells, with an occasional mystic arrow or lightning bolt. The healing spells are very effective, using only 6 mana to heal 48 HP.

    Trundaylan's weakness, like all paladins, is his lack of resistance to magic. He is unable to deflect a harmful magical bolt (well, he has a 1% chance if he uses his shield, but if it does, it cracks his shield). For this reason, he tends to avoid confronting evil priests and magicians.

    Trundaylan helped in the battle with the Methrikador's underlings, and was partly responsible for bringing Kwon back to health, allowing him to recover. Trundaylan also discovered the prophecy that the Ronin unknowingly set loose, causing unforeseeable problems. Trundaylan is currently trying to gather as much information about this prophecy as possible, in order to find a way to counter it before it is too late.

    He has recently taken a liking to theKestrel's elite force, and now is attempting to join by completing trials and ordeals that will prove his worth and give theKestrel a good reason to join his team. He has once looked up to legendary fighters in the past (theKestrel, Avatara, Slayer, etc.) and has dreams of being on that list. However, with recent events, Trundaylan has lost the trust of some of those heroes, and is blinded by a truth he wants to believe in. Ever more, Trundaylan is attempting to win Kestrel's favor, and hopes to join the ranks with his friend Rio.

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  • Mutaro
    Height: 5'7"
    Max health:30
    Max mana:40
    Best skills: Missile(15), Locks,Traps

    Mutaro is a short man with short black hair and brown eyes. He carries a crossbow and arrows, which are poisoned in order to cause a quick death and maximum stealth,
    and a belt holding six daggers. Mutaro rarely use a sword or a shield and his missile weapons have proven effective when silence is required.
    Mutaro carries an armor of unknown origin. It is extremly light but very powerful and cannot be replicated.
    Mutaro knows a variety of mystic spells, one of which can make him invisible for a short time. He also posess some healing spells.

    Mutaro was born in Cademia. His mother died when he was born, father got killed in battle. At the age of fifteen, he joined a rough group of thieves lead by a cruel villain.
    One day, Mutaro was framed for betrayal and was to be killed, but Rogan rescued him. Mutaro now travel with Rogan.
    Mutaro is, despite his background, a social and friendly man who likes to travel in the company of others.
    His favorite hobby is hunting, with bow and arrows of course.

    Mutaros weakness is his body.
    Generally quite weak and without sword and shield, he avoids head to head confrontations and prefer to stand at a distance using his daggers and poison arrows.

    "But which way will the balance swing? To the east or to the west?"

  • Name : Tycho Maudd
    Max HP:55
    Max Mana:25

    Tycho Maudd is the best archer of Cythera, and one of the best hand to hand fighters as well. He wheres a strange type of leather armor that has a mystical glow to it. Also he has a pair of steel Gauntlets and a powerful bow that shoots magical arrows. He can cast a few weak spells including healing ones.

    And so the Holy Mac went on to defeat the evil Windows and everyone lived happly ever after.

  • J.Ace21
    Real Name : Unkown
    Place of Birth : Unknown
    Height : 5'8"
    Max Health : 58
    Max Mana : 72
    Reflex : 48
    Body : 23
    Mind : 40

    J.Ace21 is a mysterious character who had revealed himself with a possible way back to the homeland. He is neither a strong user of magic or weapons but is very quick. His quick reflexes have saved him more than once, not to mention his magical dagger.

    J.Ace21 himself does not know much about his dagger. He once found it while mining obsidian in the Land's End Volcano long ago. It was sitting in a pool of deep red lava. He had used the spell Resist Fire and went to retrieve it, nearly killing himself. It has a strange multi-color glow that changes at uneven intervals. It is made out of a material that nobody of Cythera has ever seen, some believe it isn't even 'physical' material that it is made out of. When the dagger is thrown only the blade flies out at an incredible velocity piercing anything in its way. Then a new blade appears in its place immediately. J.Ace21 is hardly seen with any kind of armor on as he relies on his quick reflexes for defence. and the fact that his cape once wrapped around him makes him disappear, removing him from the land and temporarily placing him in a strange state, is another reason. But this cloak also drains all his mana and health when used. It also seems to have other side effects that are yet unknown. Thus, though he used to enjoy using it he no longer uses the cloak.

    J.Ace21 is also believed to have been born with a special empathic ability.

    These days J.Ace21 does not go out on many adventures and is studying the mystery of Pnyx.

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  • Merlin al'Thor
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 196
    Max Health: 120
    Max Mana: 10

    He came from an outside world and was made a hero in the land of Rudienocal. There, he was the hier to the throne of Dunbar but was exiled by his brother to the land of Cythera. He warders about, helping who he can for no price but food and water. He rarly talks but is no stranger to battle. With him, he carries a special sword that does not need to be sharpened and can not be destroyed.

    May the Fishbear come

  • Hephestaes
    approx level:255
    max mana:255

    knows EVERY magic spell provided by magesterium.
    Runic Magic
    Healing Magic
    special items
    Tyrants Belt
    Mystic Helm
    Herakles Cloak
    Mystic Armor
    Sword of Heroes
    Omens Ring
    Gator Skin Boots
    Complete Crolna
    a large but easy-going adventurer from Odemia,Hephestaes is currently trying to complete a quest for his good friend Glaucus the wine maker.Little is known of Hephestaes but what is known scares all the villans and scourges of cythera. Watching Hephestaes take on skeletons,demons,zombies and then attack ruffians and harpies not 5 minutes afterword is a sight to scare all evil creatures. What scares them more is the fact that he wins every battle.

    (all character editing was done after all skills,spells,magical items,and quests were completed. this includes the curing of king Alaric)

    rich loy

  • Fanatic's Grandpa
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 150 lbs.
    Body: 3
    Reflex: 10
    Mind: 40
    Max Health: 50
    Max Mana: 10
    Best skills: Casting (6) Mana (15)Cooking (40) Eating (45) Getting Drunk (50) ;)
    Worst skills: Sword (5) Sheild (2) Mace (4) Missile (3)

    Fanatic's Grandpa is the ultimate drinking machine! You literally have to put him in a locked up shed with a monster to make him fight. He is one of the best cooks in cythera, and has won the Cytheran Eatathon for ten years straight!

    He also loves that whiskey. No matter how much he drinks, he can't seem to forget his wife, who died when she got lost in a forest and discovered Harpy Cave. He now resides with his grandson Fanatic in Catamarca.

    His weakness is his lacking strength. He IS an old man, of course. ;)

    Location: Up Yer Butt And Around The Corner Where The Mushrooms Grow And The Sun Don't Shine!

  • Macintosh Man
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 155
    Body: 15
    Reflex: 35
    Mind: 10
    Max health: 40
    Max Mana: 0
    Approx level: 15
    Best/Special Skills: Stealth, Running

    After several years in a different dimension from a journey through the void, Macintosh Man is a distraught, scared man who doesn't no anything about magic. However, in those years of turmoil, he has learned several skills that are unprecedented by most other people.

    Long Live Apple! Long Live the Mac!

  • Name: Laguna (Lag•ou•na)
    Height: 5'9"
    Max Health: 32
    Approx. Level: 14
    Max Mana: Undeterminable.

    Laguna’s history, like that of many others, is shrouded in mystery and rumours. He has long, untidy copper coloured hair streaked with gold, and blue-green eyes.
    He wears minimal armour, usually consisting of nothing more than a battered breastplate. He fights with a black fighting staff,the origin of which is a mystery, and on which is etched three untranslatable words, ‘Bal’ eis’ korakos.’
    Unbeknownst to many because he always wears a blood red cloak, is that he has a large sheath over his back, with the tell tale handle of a double handed sword pertruding from it. At the tip of the handle, is a small obsidian disk which exudes a black aura, the purpose of which has yet to be discovered, due to the fact that he has never been seen wielding this weapon in battle, or removing it from it’s sheath in front of others. In addition, he has never been seen performing magic of any kind.
    Much to his dismay, he usually earns the admiration of those he has no concern for, and is often thrust into situations he cannot handle because of this. His eyes show the obvious signs of fatigue, and he will get away from the company of others at the first available opportunity. Also, he has unorthodox and somewhat questionable methods of obtaining positions of power, and although at one stage he held a respectable position in the governing body of Cademia, he was dismissed after rumours started surfacing about him abandoning his friends and fellow warriors to a hoard of unidentifiable creatures during a battle, while trying to defend a small village south of Kosha. Despite being discredited on several more occasions, he has yet again been called upon to become a leader, and whether or not his dark past will resurface in the ensuing events is yet to be seen.

    I have a plan so ingenius even an idiot could have devised it. On my command, we will line up our ships and fly straight into the enemy death-cannons clogging them with wreckage.

  • Sargatanus

    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 165lbs
    Approx. level: 15
    Body: 29
    Reflex: 36
    Mind: 40
    Max Health: 75
    Max Mana: ±50
    Best skills: Swords, defense, locks/traps, medical, casting (no offensive), history/literature.

    (history coming)

    Throughout their history these "unenlightened" beings have continually opposed and fought abuses of power wrought by their own bretheren. We, as the prophets would do well to learn from these Humans.
    -Final statement of the Salrilian reformist Sirthis shortly before his execution.

  • Comarus (co-MAR-us)

    Height: 7'0"
    Weight: 200 lb
    Body: 25
    Reflex: 25
    Mind: 22
    Max Health: 195
    Max Mana: n/a
    Approx. Level: n/a
    Best Skills: Leadership

    To the North of the lands of Cythera, past the uncrossable Mountains of Guinness, once lay the Kingdom of Pournelle. A fair and just nation ruled with an Iron Fist for eighty years, it's advancement high and it's armies massive. Fourteen years ago, Pournelle was shattered by the forces of darkness. The undead sacked thee cities and the demons razed them to the ground. The king was dead, his slaughtered armies rose again as the vast legions of the Undead lead by their dark lord.

    Before Pournelle was shattered, the 7th Legion was sent away on foreign exercises. And while Pournelle is now but a distant memory, it is rumored that the 7th Legion, commanded by Lutherin Comarus, might have escaped.

    And the forces of darkness turned their eyes to the south......

    Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.
    -Alduran Outlaw Rick Blazer

  • Gardonectimnus (Gar•don•ek•tim•nus)

    Height: 6'10"
    Weight: 217 lbs
    Body: 28
    Reflex: 19
    Mind: 22
    Max HP: 145
    Max MP: 50
    Level: 17
    Best Skills/Abilities: Defense, Axe, Runes, Locks

    Sorry boys, I never created a description for this guy, but I will say sorry again for pulling this ag-old topic out of its grave :) :) :) :) :)

    I am the prince of all
    Saiyans once again!
    Bow to me!

  • name: Grapper
    hieght: 6 feet and 6 inches
    weight: 211 pounds
    mana: 69
    max mana:79
    abbilities:cooking(11) mace(15)missile(14) acalemy(21) rune magic(22) and all the other magic you can learn I have around(24) gambling (17) defense(28) shield(27) attack(25)Grapper knows every spell you con learn at Pynx and a few more.

    inventory: portablle distiller,2 shields,3 maces,plenty of food,4 swords,187 arrows,5 bows,206 stones,7 slings,keys A,B,C,D,K
    reflex: 32
    mind: 36(unless he is tired it is 9or 10.)
    body: 45
    level: 18
    obiloi: 1,050,503
    potions: about 300 of each potion(I have a potion making spell that is 2 mana per potion.)
    running speed:8 and a half mph

    Adventure is one of Grappers hobbies. He is taned a light brown. Grew up in Pynx as a special student of all the teachers. That is why he is so talented. He has dark short hair and dark blue eyes. Many have told him he looks like his father who left and headed north but never returned.

    Now he owns a house or room in an inn in each town. In the country he bought a flax farm and hired men to work there. That is why he has so much obiloi.


    name: Condor
    hieght: unknown(largest bird in the world.)
    weight: 367 pounds(in real life it would be a less.)
    mana: 37
    max mana: 52
    casting: 54
    max health: 123
    body: 45
    mind: 46
    abbilities: missle(42)/lasor eyes/defense(23)/attack(30)/ rune magic(7)/acalemy(0)/healing magic(9)/shield (3)/bare hand(0)
    invintory: same as Grappers.
    He is a bird(condor).

    Condor is Grappers freind.He is usually never seen.

    weigh:about 189 pounds
    hieght:6 feet and 6 and a half inches
    max health:42
    max mana:25
    abilities:barehand(31)/sword(23)/mace(11)/axe(12)/cooking(23)/missle(20)/ bartender(22)

    Moony is a tall, muscular man.He is the apprentice of Grapper.His job is a bartender.He has dark brown eyes and blond hair.
    (I can't think of a name so I'm just going to use a name from Star Wars.I don't know if it is spelled right or not.)

    name: Quigon-Jin
    hieght: 6 feet 5 inches
    weight: 202 pounds
    mana: 60
    max mana: 71
    casting: 42
    from: A diffrent world, a diffrent time, a diffrent universe.
    level: about 15
    abilities: spells-unkown/bare hand-15/alchamy-17/rune magic-11/mace-14/sword-
    inventory: 2 shields, 1 mace, 2 axes, 1 sword, 72 potions, 4 ropes, and food.
    mind: 21
    reflex: 32
    body: 23


    Quigon-Jin is a tall strong daring man with green eyes and black hair.

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  • Fanatic (Fan•at•ik)
    Height: 6'8"
    Weight: 208 lbs.
    Age: 22
    Body: 35
    Reflex: 45
    Mind: 45
    Max Heath: 175
    Max Mana: 100
    Best skills: Mana (45) Casting (45) Sword (30)
    Worst skills: Cooking (1) ;)
    Approximated Level: 24
    Special Items: Crolna, first piece, Life restoring ring, Strange rod

    Fanatic is a tall young man, wielding magic of a surprisingly high level, and is quite powerful for his age. Hailing from Catamarca, this Freemage usually spends his time either at the bar in Cademia or off on some adventure.

    He has been on some extrordinary adventures like The Undine Stronghold, The Journey to the Homeland of his Ancestors, The Evil clone, and is now on a strange island.

    Wielding a large sword that glows with an eerie darkness and a large arsenal of spells, he is all gung-ho about fighting. But when it comes to cooking, you literally have to drag him to the stove and--somehow--keep him there.

    Fanatic is also one to exploit weaknesses. He often likes to brag about the time when all the adventurers whom he had accompanied to the Undine Stronghold--under his command--pushed a dragon, a fire harnessing being, into the underground river and severely weakened it.

    He has created a number of spells which include Fire Elemental, Water Elemental, Lightning Elemental, Shadow Elemental, Protection Field, Anihilate, Time Acceleration, Nonexistance, and Dispel Anti-Magic.

    Nonexistance is Fanatic's second most powerful spell. He had renamed the spell Fetch and gave it the name Nonexistance, and it became official. he even powered it up, giving the ability to anyone who casts it to not only make objects of all sizes to dissapear into nonexistance, but also walls and trees, and even people!

    One other ability of his that is not to be underestimated it the ability to use the full potential of the spell Directed Nexus. He casts a strange looking rune in front of every door, and in front of anything important. he can then teleport himself and/or others to any of the desired warp runes.

    In short, Fanatic is a powerful ally and a deadly enemy.
    (Fanatic is currently drinking to forget the shame of having -1 karma.)

    It hardly mattered what had caused it—a giant meteorite, a huge volcano, or a nuclear war. Temparatures and pressures swung out of balance, and great winds blew
    All over the north, dingy snow fell, and in places, even summer did not erase it. --David Brin

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  • name:condor
    hieght: unknown(largest bird in the world)
    weight: 310 pounds(in real life it would be a lot less)
    mana: 73
    max mana: 121
    casting: 46
    max health: 117
    body: 456
    mind: 45
    abbilities: missle(42)/lasor eyes/defense(30)/attack(30)/ knows all spells/ rune magic(45)/acalemy(38)/and all the other magic you can learn is around (40)/shield (44)/bare hand(15)
    He is a bird(condor with hands)


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  • Katze
    Height: 6'4"
    Age: 19
    Max health: 42
    Max mana: 16
    Best skills: thievery, lock-picking, detect traps
    Level: 6

    Katze is a thief, and a really good one. She has already 'visited' almost every house worth it. Her outer appearance fits her name: she always wears dark clothes that won't hinder her, has black hair and eyes and dark skin which makes her almost invisible at night. She is also very light-footed and almost unhearable. Her magic skills are limited and she uses them rather unconsciously to aid her work.
    As the animal she's named after, Katze is very curious. She's basically friendly but if someone really annoys her (which isn't easy) you wish you hadn't done so. She'll try everything to pay him or her back for it, no matter the consequences for her or anyone else.

    *I decided to put another character in, first because I need another woman to keep me company here ;) , and second because I wnated to post in more of the story's here :) *

    One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them,
    one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
    J.R.R. Tolkien

  • Bomar (bow-maar)

    Height: 4'2"
    Body: 10
    Mind: 16
    Reflex: 20
    Max. health: 50
    Max. mana: 10
    Approx. level: 6
    Best skills: Haggling, cooking

    Bomar is a bartender who live in Cademia. He is a short, tubby man with short, black hair and grey/brown eyes. He owns and operates the tavern called "the roasted meat"
    He is one of Cytheras best cooks. In fact, the second best. The best cook is Fanatics grandpa.The tavern is not doing that well, but Bomar has always got a lot of money. His tavern was once saved from bankrupcy by Rogan, who bought five crates of Northshore Red wine.

    Bomar always carry a dagger because drunkards can be quite dangerous. Bomar has only one spell: The replicate food spell. Its purpose is pretty obvious. Bomar is one of Rogans best friends. He cannot fight a lot. He has never learned any offensive skills and knows only how to throw a dagger in order to scare drunks.

    "Anyone can just go in there and kill someone, but you don`t get information from a corpse"
    --SEAL motto

  • Rogar

    Body - Average
    Reflex - High
    Mind - Below Average

    Rogar is somewhat of a mysterious character. He has a unique style of fighting that seems to be from the old days. But he doesn't seem to be old but not young either. Some had claimed that this was due to the fact that he is an Elf. Many have claimed to have seen his 'pointed' ears and others even say that they've seen him shoot a bird from miles away. Recently he has revealed his identity to be an elf.

    He used to live on the shores of Cythera in a small cruiser that he had built wandering from shore to shore. He had usually spent time in his boat catching fish and hunting for food as no one had seemed to need his services. His boat sank when a battle caused it to burn.

    Rogar usually uses an exceptionally long Rapier and a medium-sized shield. Both seem to have been enchanted as they seem to be effected by the surrounding enviorment. For example, if Rogar is in a cold enviroment the shield's elemental properties will change to help block cold attacks and the Rapier will also change to an element that is appropriate against the enviroment. He claims that his armor is made out of a color shifting Mithril which protects him and conceals him from enemies. He is occasionally seen with a long bow but his fishing pole was lost in the ship wreck.

    As an Elf, Rogar has inherited many abilities native to elves. For example, infravision, farsight, the ability to polymorph, and quick reflexes. Rogar's shapeshifted form is an eagle or falcon. In his polymorphed shape he loses all the advantages of his armor and as a result is extremely vulnerable but he his reflexes are enhanced and he is able to move at a tremendous velocity.

    Rogar is back to adventuring and has recently joined ferzel's team on a quest to restore the Crolna and save Cythera from Omen once more.

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