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    Is it moral to take the weapons/armor off dead foes?
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    I just cant come to griips with this, On the one hand you kille dthier digital pixils, but shuldn't they be able to decay in peace? If I died a gruesome death, I would want my corspse untouched. Yet your character can become so powerful!
    Power or Honor is guss is the real question

  • Unless you especially want to honour the particular person by burying them with all their gear, I'd say yes. It's not going to do them any good anymore, now, is it? (Unless they end up like Mort, of course. :rolleyes:)

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  • I haven't played Cythera much, but strictly speaking in moral terms, if I died I'd want all my possessions to be given to people that could use it. What good will it do me, so it's better used to save someone else's life. (Hopefully that is only the case in an RPG though!)

  • i say yes, but there are limits.
    as a samurai, i have to say, taking a warrior's sword from him once he is dead is a terrible thing to do. taking someone's primary weapon is just not acceptable, unless it's computer games, or guns. guns can be taken, especially if they're really cool. so can sidearms and whatnot. i don't know how i stand on vehicles...

  • Yes, from Ruffians.
    From the Honour angle, they have no honour, so it's not an issue.
    And once they're dead, the weapons would just rust out on the open ground!
    I have more of a problem with killing them in the first place.

  • In the game it's okay but in life I might think twice, because think about it. Were do nine out of ten ruffins get there weapens?
    They probably steal them, yeah sure they have a forge in the encompment but were do they get the supplies? Steal it from other towns.

    In my opinion Cadimia is the main source of it, to big to send a group of guards to every corner and to poor to defend themselves

  • Stealing from the dead? That's not nice! Of course I do it anyway...

  • If they attack you first, they asked for it.

    Personally, I think it's kind of dumb to get morally hung up about a computer game. But I wouldn't loot in real life.

  • I say no.

    Sure, I'm not using the armor and weapons anymore and I would love it if someone else found good use for them, but not the guy who killed me. I would hope that by looting my corpse he contracted some weird plague and dies a slow horrible death. But that's just me, I guess you guys would have nothing but well wishes for someone who murdered you :)

  • Unless something very weird is going on, I wouldn't be carrying armour and weapons when I was murdered (or am I taking this too literally?)

  • It's moral because people who had paranoya about morality in the middle ages did it without ever doubting it. What is immoral is how I get money, raiding the Tyrant's Tomb. >@-D

  • Stealing is still stealing in my opinion, but I'm sure a certain three people around here will understand why I'm leery of getting into that ^_~

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  • It's not stealing if you move it a little before you take it.

  • Personally, I'd say it is okay, particularly in a game.

  • @pallas-athene_bot, on Mar 5 2007, 03:24 PM, said in moral dilemma:

    It's not stealing if you move it a little before you take it.

    It's immoral borrowing then. :laugh:

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