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  • Forgive me please for beginning a new thread for what is probably an old topic for most of you, but wading through all the old threads seemed overwhelming.

    I just downloaded the demo and already I'm stuck in Omen's test maze. Either I'm utterly clueless or maybe my 'puter goes wiggy when I travel through the maze. Well, okay, I'm just clueless. Is the maze a good sample of the types of puzzles I'd encounter in the full version? Puzzles are fun but mazes stump me so...any hints please?

    '=) Thanks,


  • In the maze, you keep ending up in the same place. Try going different ways. Eventually, after stumbling around for a while, you will get to a lever. Flip it, then find the exit. This is the only required maze.

  • Well, I did flip the lever yet no luck... I suppose I'll need to be more persistant. And thank you for the help :D

    Would it be a bother if I came back to this thread if I get stuck again while figuring this all out (at the risk of this turning into a "Help Amorisse" thread rather than a generic help topic?)



  • Come back as much as you like

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