A quandry

  • nery nice-E

    so basiclly I am faced with a dilemma. I have these two awlsome saved games on ye-olde mac and I need to rwipe teh hard drive and start anew. I would lose my games and be forced to play Omens sick games. I could copy them, but yet...I am too lazy (and dont own floppys anymore). Any ideas?

  • I must admit, that's not an issue I really have to deal with anymore. Between external hard drives, USB Flash storage devices and good ol' networking, I can usually store and retrieve anything I need to. I take it none of those are an option for you?

  • Do you have internet access on the computer? If so, you could email them to yourself. If they're <100k in size, you could even post them as attachments to this board.

  • In this case, I'd be inclined to use a network if possible, although as cache points out that doesn't appear to be an option here. I'd recommend trying Pallas's idea.

  • Yah.

    I transfer all my good important files to my new computer when I have to do something like that, but I gather you don't have a second computer, no?

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