So who would you be?

  • identity crisis time

    So I was digging through old topics tonight, and found one that I apparently made years ago. In the spirit of history, and since we have so many new posters, I've decided to pose the question again. If you were to pick any one (just one) of your characters to be for the rest of your life, who would it be? Preferably one of -your- characters, no stealing from other people.

    It's sort of interesting to look back; I said previously that I would be either Katerei, Sya, or Lemni. The latter two understandably would have appealed to me back then, both being fairly young, and not so far off from what I was like at the time. Now I know without a doubt that I'd be Katerei- not only for the age factor, but because she really has been me all along, and grown with me (random disappearances and unpredictable mood swings included.) ;)

    My vote is that Avatara and cache will have the same responses as before, but I anxiously await everyone else's. So get posting!

  • Aron, very easily. He's basically a part of my sense of humor, wrapped around a guy who's perpetually happy, with a bunch of abilities that would always be cool to have. I like all my characters, but if I wanted to be one it would be him ^^

  • Silver. That way I could hack into the 'net mentally, and not have to worry about my connection blinking, or my computer doing funky things. Yeah, and other reasons too, but right now that's what sticks out to me. My power button seems to be jambed, or something.

    Silver is a step toward my ideal self, with what I've decided are the best meta-abilities.

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  • What was my response before?

    Staying up all night isn't healthy you know. :p

  • you don't know? for shame. it was Avatara, obviously.

    i was actually up later than that, till 6:30-ish. i'm going to be crashing early tonight... :blink:

  • This topic is unfair to people who only have one character! (Which was encouraged at the time I started TS-ing.)

  • it's not my fault you chose to kill off your only other character :rolleyes:

  • Selax, I guess...DK if he weren't evil.

  • @ikaterei_bot, on Mar 10 2007, 04:57 PM, said in So who would you be?:

    it's not my fault you chose to kill off your only other character :rolleyes:

    He wasn't a character, he was a placeholder ^_~

  • Niether of mine. Zallbyn and Uzsuy are not in any way supposed to be related to me.

    Alright, if I absolutely had to choose, it would really have no idea.

  • @ikaterei_bot, on Mar 11 2007, 02:47 AM, said in So who would you be?:

    My vote is that Avatara and cache will have the same responses as before

    You'd be right, in my case. Flynn is, essentially, the ultimate Good Guy. Not in terms of power, although he has more than enough of that (when in Cythera, at least); but because he'll always try to do what's right, even when it hurts. He's almost a Paladin, only without the cleric-type stuff. In some ways I think I originally made him a little too perfect, so lately I've been endeavouring to inject a few flaws into his character. Alas, poor Moonshadow.

    I wouldn't want his hair colour, though.

  • I'd be Cat, definitely. My loyalty to my first character is mainly because she's what I want to be. Also, I really hate swimming, and that somehow worked its way into Cat. We have similarities: she reacts to situations how I would, not how I need her to, she goes crazy when she's annoyed, and doesn't regret it after, just like me, and she finds apologising very easy. She's also trusting and she can't really lie, she just doesn't tell the whole truth. Also, she has an affinity with unarmed combat. I do judo, she does some form of karate/tae qwon do.
    In other words, I wrote her as me.

    I know you aren't asking about my other characters, but I'll tell you anyway.
    Starfall is more like my sister. I actually designed her with my sister in mind, and she reacts basically how my sister would.
    Kerran, I'm not sure about. He is no-one in particular, so he responds how I need him to.
    Aster is loosely based on one of my former classmates, so shy it's painful to watch.
    Enna is based on my sister's friend's sister, who is actually six, but when I first met her, she was four. Wolfie is just your average smart dog.
    Spectre is my concept of a mystery saviour. Who she's based on is also a mystery. I'll tell you if I ever find out.

  • Well since I dont ahve a character I really shouldn't even be in this forum...I just cant seem to staty with the stories, I just cant ever think waht to say...sad :( deep, teary-eyed sigh.

  • There's no easy answer to this one.

    I would say Cimon, because all that's happened to him is that he was kicked out of his home, estranged from his family, and... well, the point is Letsiya's been through worse. As I mentioned on #cythera, I've been in the process of developing another character (since I haven't, yet, she's not a valid answer). She's neat, but I suspect that once I've figured out what makes her tick, the prospect would be equally unpleasant.

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  • @breadworldmercy453_bot, on Mar 10 2007, 04:15 PM, said in So who would you be?:

    He wasn't a character, he was a placeholder ^_~

    I'd be willing to help with killing your other character if that'd aid you decision making any. ;)

  • cgends, the point of this forum isn't to participate in TSs and the Taverns. If you don't want to, fine, that's your choice. Since you don't have a character, you could -ahem- borrow someone else's. ;)

    Unless I mistunderstood and you meant this topic. In which case, we need to get rid of you. Quickly. :laugh:

  • I have two rather innactive characters because I find it hard to keep up with the TS's and taverns, but they exist and pop up from time to time.

  • Well, let's see. Who would I be? So many choices... Ah! yes, I'll choose Wizard.

  • Really, Wizzy? I would never have guessed! :laugh:

  • Wizard doesn't need to pretend to have an identity crisis. He already does. :p

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