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  • Hi all Turak agian I'm confused, there will be some quiestions later on but here is some weird things and things I've found out. (Sorry if you already know some of these)

    Well i acidently pressed devied food and then there was a seladane deviece as food but when i ate it it disappeared. And also Slayer said that To get a parpy egg you have to go to a cave but where you complet Find The Soarce of Kesh there are eggs and odd helms.

    Now for the questions. the clue is you must take everything to do with Birds out. (there will be some words missed out to!)

    How do you claw trader at feather cadimea to beak give you a house?

    How do you fly across the swamp perch without being bit by swamp bird creature

    See ya

    P.S Excuse my spelling i'm not very good at it

  • This sounds like Cythera. I think you're in the wrong forum. :)

  • Yeah, I was about to say "what the heck?"

  • #1:


    Ask him "building" and be prepared to fork over 10,000 oboloi ^_^



    Just kill them, silly :p

  • 2:


    They're asps, and are really hard to find. Antidote potions, unguent, the spell 'Cure' and gator boots will help you to cross the swamp.

  • Oh trash these riddels i'm figureing them myself let alone think of them well

    Heres the awsers
    how do you get Antynor ( the trader ) to sell you the house ( awsnerd )
    How do you get across the swamp without being bitten ( trash )

    some more how do you get into the tyrants tomb?

    I was attaking some crabs and i cast mystic at one but i turened it to ooze and when i tryed on another one nothing happened
    ( oh except almost killing it ) and also there was blood attaking Aethon

    Turak out

  • yup, Cythera does weird things at times! I remember fighting blood too!

  • That's never happened to me. Maybe it did, and I just can't remember. I remember that Mystic Arrow doesn't work on crabs. They have a horrible tendency to come back to live once you turn them into ooze.

  • @jehezekel_bot, on Feb 9 2007, 09:17 AM, said in Whats Going on!:

    I remember fighting blood too!

    I don't think that I've ever had that happen, although there is a lot of weird stuff that can and does happen.

  • ok everyone we're getting off topic here my main queistion was how do you get into the tyrants tomb?

  • Ok, so...


    Get a shovel. Go into the back, locked courtyard of the Tyrant's Castle, go to the sundial, and two steps past the noon mark, dig. You will be in the tyrant's tomb antechamber. To enter the tomb proper, use the spell "remote manipulation" on the lever behind the gate.

    That ought to do you fine for now.

  • Spoiler

    Then there is a couple of puzzles and things to solve. The spell 'Fetch' might just come in handy somewhere along the line. Watch out for spike traps and falling rocks!

    You can tell us how many oboloi there are in the chest!

  • Spoiler

    There is also a later part that involves ringing several bells in the right order to lift a gate.

  • Spoiler

    But you can cheat...

  • Spoiler

    As for spike traps, just keep detecting secrets (the ability, not spell, that just wastes mana!), examine the area the spike trap was detected, and attack it. Or move it aside (yes, you can, oddly enough). I always used Fetch instead of the bells, but I believe Slayer's Guide tells you which bells. And btw, Slayer's Guide says you can go to the grotto but if you've completed the murder thing you have to find one in the cave. As for blood fighting and device food, I've had both occur to me, along with reviving a swamp patch, warping into places by stepping on things (there was once a topic started by someone about four years ago about this), and various other things. Check some of the doors at the first stronghold. White floor, and some have no room at all, just white!

    Darn that's a big spoiler block.

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  • How do you


    revive a swamp patch?

  • I think he means he used the amulet on a dead person, and a piece of swamp appeared on the tile...

  • Well



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    If people dont want ot play, there is


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  • I've had an edible device before and a mushroom steak that when you eat it the person says "Not So Good" Also I had Nothing tell me about how many guys I killed how much health I've lost and a few other things but i've never done stuff like this. Is blood weak to battle? also there is this one door in the stronghold that when I open it all that's in there is a wall blocking my way. And did the resurected swamp tile move and talk?

  • Ack, how do you get reason for edit, this is really bugging me.

    Oh, and I've gotten the mushroom steak, but that's more of an EE, and I've gotten the Nothing too, except different.

    No, swamps don't move, that is, ressurected swamps, they're not even live people according to the log from my experience.

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