3 New Secret Passages

  • I think

    I never heard of these passages on the board so I'm assuming there new.

    1 Go to Magpies room and go to the center west wall and open it
    2 Go to Abydos and go down the ladder that leads to the demon one is straight ahead from the ladder and the other one is
    3 down that mysterious dead end

    For all I know none of these passages have a use :(

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  • I found a new one! Go to Timons ruins with 2+ cronala connected and use it on the pedistal! It leads down to the cave below LKH!

    PS: Sorry about the double post

  • Most veteran Cythera players well know that there is a secret door in Magpie's quarters, and that the pedistal within the Headwater Ruins reacts to the Crolna. The passages below Abydos, however, are not likely as well known, as they are dead-ends and hold no items or interesting finds.

    P.S. Nice avatar, Timon is a very good choice.

  • Ironically the Abydos one was the first one I found.

    EDIT: Actually, there are two or three in the demon room.

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  • I only found two underground in Abydos. (All non-Abydos secrets don't count at present). Where are the others?

  • I can't immediately recall how many of the Abydos passages that I know of...only two or three, I think, although I'm aware of all the others that have been mentioned.

    @buzzzzy_bot, on Mar 31 2007, 03:45 PM, said in 3 New Secret Passages:

    EDIT: Actually, there are two or three in the demon room.

    Really? How does one reach them? (Assuming you mean Tavara's study, I've never been able to find any with detect secrets.)

  • Maybe not three. Right now my computer's acting up (that is, the old one with Cythera on it), but basically if you're in the underground area, look around various places, and there should be a secret door or two that lead into dead-end passages. I think this is supposed to represent Tavara's fiddling with magic, or they could have stored rotted things since they have water in them. And no, not the room, just the underground thing-area.

    The only other I know of is the one near the portcullis.

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