Should we try to contact Glenn Andreas?

  • You probably knew about his website, maybe we should go to the forum there and ask him about Cythera? He actually does have a whole section dedicated to Delver there, but he seems reluctant to talk about it, but if enough people ask him questions, maybe he'll give us some answers? Hopefully it will not put him off though. I wouldn't want to offend him even the slightest, he's our king, after all.

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  • i don't think asking gandreas is a good idea. he knows there are people out there who want further development on Cythera, but it's been made pretty clear that nothing is going to happen in the near (or possibly distant) future. if anything was imminent, we'd have heard about it. tracking him down to ask him questions he's heard too many times already is more likely to just annoy him.

  • :(

  • Also, notice he's not very active even in his own boards and website, and he's stopped logging in to these forums alltogether? Unless he's roaming about as a guest he seems rather inactive anywhere.

    EDIT: He logged in to change his avatar back to Blobbo in September of last year, but that's it.

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  • Its possible he stopped logging in and just lurks as a guest. The boards were having a lot of trouble remembering users, and honestly, unless you intend to reply to something, you could very well read forums as a guest.

  • True, but unless he's doing that with his own forums he seems inactive everywhere.

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