Found Weapon Slayer Didn't list

  • This really isn't a game winning weapon but at least I found one! It's the Miners Pick :laugh: Honest see for yourself!

    Also I can't equip a clever. Is there a bug?

  • Wow, you fooled me. I got excited. I can't remember if I was ever able to equip the cleaver or not...

  • Out of curiosity, how much damage does it do?

  • You can't equip a cleaver, I've tried.
    A mining pick wouldn't be a good weapon. Can you upgrade it with obsidian?

    At least, I don't think you can equip a cleaver. The one I tried was the one in the encampment. Maybe you can get one that you cna equip.

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  • I thought you're supposed to use the cleaver, not equip it. Or maybe it was both hands, I can't remember.

  • It's a leetle unlikely. Anyway, who wants a cleaver when they can have the sword of heroes? The mystic spear is just weird, you lose it sometimes and it vanishes if you use it on ratlizards.
    I'm thinking of ditching all my companions and going it alone, they are so useless and get themselves killed when I try to kill liches, which are pathetic if you have the right gear. :cool:

  • I hear you about the followers. I always make them follow me through the whole game, but Timon definitely had a dying problem. Sometimes he'd die and I wouldn't even notice until the next day, then I'd have to backtrack until I found his corpse so I could use the amulet on him @_@

  • Mystic Spear is all about caution. Use it only whent the opponent is directly to the north, south, east, or west of you, or if you're willing to take a risk, northwest, nor...

    As for Timon and Aethon, they both have a dying problem which I take advantage of. I kill the enemy while it's distracted. Set them on Retreat though, it's better to chase the enemy than to get Timon or Aethon killed while attempting to attack a, I dunno, demon?

  • Demons are pathetic wretches, only fit for scrubbing floors! Muahahahahahaha!!!!! (At least when I'm going it alone, as even meleauger is pretty useless against demons).

    Oh Yeah! Hundredth post, peoples! :cool: ;) :)

    EDIT: What's a Satu?

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  • Dieing problem: How I make them not die is tell them to attack target/retreat. I've gone the entire game with no death on teamates

    Cleaver: Maybe Slayer goofed?


    (At least when I'm going it alone, as even meleauger is pretty useless against demons).

    Meleager usless? Equip gautlets and you'll be sorry!

  • I have, but the demons in the stronghold killed him before he touched them. And he was wearing the (I think this might be a spoiler)


    strange helmet

    , so fear etc. didn't work on him.

  • Personally, I try to go the whole game without losing teamates, so I don't have to waste the amulet on them, and, as some others, I too have found Meleager to be very effective with the gauntlets.

    On a perhaps unrelated note, I have found that often only the gauntlets or the Sword of Heroes can hit daemons with a melee attack, although I seem to recall that some upgrading on Hector's sword enables him to hit at least some of the time (I could be wrong this though).

  • I've never completed a game with either using my necklace or reverting to saved @_@

  • I've never used the necklace, except in an earlier game when I went to sleep when Timon and I were poisoned.

  • well i'm not the most cleverest person in tis fourm bbut i think i equipped a cleaver in my first year of playing this game.( my memory's not too good.)
    And crazy chick if you ask hector about the pick he'll say " it i'll work as a weapon but i have only being train in the use of pointed weapons." and melgeare will tell you what it can do, in this case it's the same as a short sword.

  • I've completed a couple games so quickly that I didn't get strong enough to leave my party members, and in those games I typically use the amulet once on me, a couple times on Hector/Meleager, and maybe three times on Aethon.

    Mostly I wear the amulet so that when I die I can revert instead of relaunching Cythera. Especially since quitting tends to crash my computer.

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  • My secret to have a really good charecter is to train in reflex and defense as much as possible

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