The Dead Drink Scrolls

  • For the purpose of keeping track of just what happened to all of Mort's drinks.

    1: cache22 : Mort's misguided attempt to drink it
    2: Wizard : thrown onto Wizard's flaming beard
    3: Jehezekel : metal mug absorbed by Silverfish
    4: CrazyChick : knocked over by the tavern door, thrown by a Hrothrim that was hunting Cat
    5: cache22 : rained on by the Scribe
    6: cache22 : swallowed by a pink elephant
    7: cache22 : flattened by the collapsing tavern
    8: CrazyChick : knocked over by a dagger during a brawl
    9: Ragnar0k : drunk by Aron's shadow, Steve
    10: cache22 : sucked away by another pink elephant
    11: cache22 : vaporised by a lightning bolt
    12: Selax : accidentally knocked over by Mort himself, while pounding his head on the bar in frustration over the rapid loss of drinks 10 & 11

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  • Sorry I couldn't think of anything more imaginative for #13, but it's late and my creativity goes out the window at 9:30.

  • 13: CrazyChick : Knocked over by a brick, thrown through the tavern window by a vigilante squad demanding and end to Mort's life, er, death, um, existence. Whatever.

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  • 14: cache22 : Thrown over Mort's burning robe by Starfall to put out a fire ignited by a fireball thrown by a sorceress in a paranoid panic about undead.

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  • My characters seem not to know about alcohol's flammable tendencies...

  • 15: iKaterei : Soaked up when one of several invitations to a ball, carelessly thrown into the air by Katerei, landed in it. The parchment proved quite absorbant.

  • 16: cache22 : Tossed away in favour of something stronger in a fit of depression, after Mort accidentally turned a criminal into an undead minion.

  • 17: CrazyChick : Knocked over by a gust of wind as Spectre entered the tavern.

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