Note on two archived TSs

  • Undine Stronghold and LKH (for story)

    As some of you might be aware, there are two TSs in the Archives that do not exist on the Invision Boards: the links to these TSs in the Archives have been links to the old archives. These TSs are the Undine Stronghold and LKH (for story).

    As some of you also might be aware, these links appear to be down now, cutting off access to these two TSs. Unfortunately, I was careless and failed to save a copy of either.

    Using Pallas Athene's sql archives file (which Avatara was kind enough to inform me still existed on the board and can be found here) and the first page of each TS (which I was able to find on, I have attempted to reconstruct both US and LKK, and I think that I have the main body of both of these now done.

    This is still a work in progress, and I expect that I will still have to do some more editing to do on both of these.

    Currently, I am not posting either complete TS because I'm stalled by a slight problem. I hope to overcome this and post them at that time. I am posting some of each because I will be very busy in future and want to make it clear that I haven't forgotten this project. Eventually, I plan to post both, so I will no longer have to worry about losing them. (These may be moved to the chrons section if that seems it would make more sense.)

    For both TSs, I have deleted the signatures, dates, edits, etc. I have done this for simplicity (maybe I can add them later if it is wished). Both are in a Poster: Post format.

    Please, do not post on either of these two topics (once I create them that is), although only LKH is going up tonight. I ask this because I am attempting to recreate the actual text of the old TSs and that will be difficult with many other posts in the middle of mine.

    Please, post any comments or suggestions on this thread.

    (Special thanks to Avatara and Pallas Athene.)

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  • Note: I intend to try to get both of these up some time tomorrow.

  • All right, I failed to hit that deadline and I don't know if I'll be able to finish either until May.

    Perhaps, I could email them to someone so they could finish posting them...?

  • This project is now mostly complete, although some changes might still need to be made (most notably the issue of what to do about the use of certain words remains, although I have deleted them for the moment).

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