Strange things a' happenin' in these parts

  • All the wierd things ever happened to me in Cythera

    1 I was in the place below the swamp ruins, I just got past the barriers and killed the crabs when Hector "Hit paper with a bonecrunching sound" Strangely though, he attacked water, but there was blood! I took a screen shot but my 9.2 can't burn CD's :(

    2 I attacked a goat by mistake and my group members attacked me, but (yes, but) then once they attacked me once, they started attacking themselves! It said "Hector hits Hector very(extremly?) hard" Timon and Aethon killed themselves in a few hits and Meleager was attacking Hector while Meleager was attacking Meleager. In the end they all died. (Yeah sure if I clicked the "r" key they would have stoped it, but were's the fun in that? ;)

    3 The moveing Hydra (Back to third Cronala) attacked Hector once and then started moving down the passage (Hydra Hit and Run!)

    4 I ran into some ruffins south of the Pnyx with Meleager, he was still set on defend so he retreated, when I went north a few steps I saw Meleager out in the ocean to the west! He was stuck though.

    5 I killed a guard at Odemia in the middle of the night and he turned into a bucket wall

    6 Acording to the LKH library Wolflizards hide in caves in the morning, but yet I can only find them in a cave were the mystic helm is, at night

    7 Pursa gave me the sapphire book first time I talked to her

    8 The black ground around the Conjures Triangle doesn't have a name

    9 You can kill geckos without geting killed

    10 Thinking that Aleric was vunrable I surrounded him with rune of blocking spells and then attacked me, but when I talked to him he still helped me

    11 a noblewomen bonecrunched me in the begining of the game

    12 A lich casted lightning and a chair glowed

    13 Savegly attacked by giant slugs

    14 found 1 obal on my way to LKH

    15 killed a chicken without anyone noticing

    Well that's it for now

  • 1. My little brother killed a guard and he turned into a snoring key.

    2. I once covered all of LKH with flour.

    3. When you tell most people in Cythera "Ambrosia" they say "food of the gods".

    4. I once destroyed the force walls around UrSylph (nothing happened) so I attacked him, and he's not to powerful. You just can't actulay hit him because he's made of air. (or power)

    That's it for me for now.

  • I -somehow- made everything except the people and the immovable tables vanish from LKH. I couldn't escape either, as all the doors vanished.

  • I encountered an interesting bug in Cademia: whenever I used the green crystal ball to attempt to see the interior of Machaon's workshop, various things (such as doors) in the city disappeared.

  • Well that is intersting, hmmm. The word ambrosia, literally means food of the gods, you cant expect the makers to be that egotistical (usually they are much better than that). AS for some of the others, if my memory serves, yes, Ambrosia is a hastily assembled game.

  • @crazychick_bot, on Apr 16 2007, 12:46 AM, said in Strange things a' happenin' in these parts:

    I -somehow- made everything except the people and the immovable tables vanish from LKH. I couldn't escape either, as all the doors vanished.

    This has happened to me a lot @_@ This was how I learned to save often! And I also learned not to hang out in the LandKing Hall too much ^_~

  • Directed Nexus fixes it. I found out after half an hour of randomly wandering around.

  • Perhaps a sinister secondary purpose for creating the spell?... Or was it primary? (Insert music that would be spooky, if it wasn't so off tune)

  • :laugh: Haha, I love the Hydra and lich one.

    My weirdest are probably the portals and the Alaric-steak-stove thing. I also remember a Scylla somehow got into LKH once.

    1000th post!! Whoopwhoop!!!

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  • Quote

    1000th post!! Whoopwhoop!!!

    Good for you Buzzzzy!


    Killed Hebe and a chicken outside started snoring ($10 to see the "Amazing Snoring Chicken!")

    Swimming crab!

    Killed someone and they turned into a Ungent-Anvil bucket

    Killed someone and they turned into one of those black disks

    Killed someone and they turned into a far sight potion that didn't work

  • I really think the killing code in Cythera is very buggy. I mean, with all the kill-turn-into-something-that's-not and the just-mentioned-snoring-chicken...

    Speaking of weird things that happen when you kill people, I just got Hector to turn into a spell...that didn't work, of course. Examining found "nothing" and Use was grayed out, pressing U and clicking it would cancel.

    EDIT: I got a gecko to start snoring once.

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  • Hmm... one time I killed the mage-weapon guy in the volcano and he turned into moss. I tried this because I saw it happened to someone else. I also remember there was a chicken labelled as a goat. I bet I could've milked it! :D

  • Milking a chicken is nothing compared to using Alaric to bake bread. :laugh:

  • *Thanks, everyone, you made me cheer up :D *
    I'm too nice to go around killing people, so none of that's ever happened to me. Methinks I need to try some of it out.

  • Kill them in bed when they all look the same and pretend they're someone you really hate.

  • And then if they turn into something edible, you can eat them and pretend you're a cannibal!

  • Selax notes there a lot of topics concerned with the odd things that Cythera characters turn into when you kill them.

  • it's the only unpredictable thing left.

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