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  • Hi!

    It's me again and I have a general question on training. My character is a Rogue and she is Level 6 with 6 unused training points. I have her with 4 Attack, 2 defense, 2 missile, 2 Shield, 4 Sword, Traps, Awareness, Gambling, Cooking, Weaving, Lock Picking and Thievery(1). 19 Body, 18 Reflex and 14 Mind.

    My question is what would you train in? I was thinking of Body to get some more hit points but if I should train in something else I'd like to know before I spent the points. Thank you!

    Erica J. Marceau

  • Defense gives you more HP than training in body, for 1/4 the cost. Surprisingly enough, training in reflex gives you more HP than body, too, but it's still cheaper to go with defense.

  • id consider getting mana and casting, along with healing, runic and alchemy magic skills.

    probabally not necessary, but could be pretty helpfull.

  • As it turns out alchemy is one of those things you need to have to beat the game.

  • Magic is MY personnal FAVORITE thing in Cythera. Thinking back, I would've rather started as a Mage now, I started as an Adventuror, Explorer, or whatever-its-called.

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  • I'd go more with sword and defense. I like seord because I have 8 training points for it, and I have the Sword of Heroes (It's groovy, baby). I'd also go w/alchemy.

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