• Mostly element ones

    1 Why is Earth the only one with a human-like form?

    2 How did fire and wind get imprisoned?

    3 Why didn't Earth get imprisoned?

    4 Why do you have to go through that place with the black disks to see the Saldan guy?

    5 Why are there Saldan ruins but no Igneas or wind ruins

    6 How come wind doesn't want to be free?

    7 Why is wind in a hole with lava in it?

    8 Why are there diffrent cities?

    9 Why aren't there any people which show up after a few days?

    10 Why hasn't Eiones seen Igneas if there in the same cave

    11 What are boards for?

    12 Is that place where you get the hero sword Undine ruins

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  • 1. Fire does too
    2. Ignae is not imprisoned, he's a hermit. The other elements banded together and used their powers to imprison UrSylph.
    3. Because the Undine were not yet that powerful
    4. um... security?
    5. (edit)...(/edit)
    6. Because he's depressed
    7. To keep him trapped. Surrounded by Fire surrounded by Earth surrounded by Water.
    8. for interests sake?
    9. you mean like the beggars and ruffians?
    10. Because he's focused on his work, and doesn't stop to see the sights.
    11. you can use them to fix the gap in the bridge (at least I think I did that once)
    12. It's Cult of Scylla ruins anyway

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  • 1. As Jehezekel stated, fire seems to as well. The Undine seem to have some kind of form, as I recall that mentioned in one of the in-game books.
    3. I think that Earth was able to hide from the Undine. In any case, the Undine seem bent on exterminating the Seldane rather than imprisoning them.
    5. As far as I know, they are human ruins, although I suppose it's possible that the Undine may have aided in their construction.
    6. I think that Ur-sylph has gone somewhat insane from his long imprisonment and long since ceased really to care about anything.
    7. As Jehezekel stated, it's Ur-sylph's prison, which is made out of the other three elements.
    8. I would speculate for realism.
    10. It's also possible that Ignae might hide himself from Eioneus or that Eioneus thinks that he's seeing things.
    11. I'm not certain; personally, I don't think that I have ever found a use for them.

  • 10. Who says he didn't? You saw Ignae, but you didn't tell anyone, did you? ^_~

  • 10. He's supposed to blend in with the fire, hence he probably thought he was fire.

  • My answer to 11 was going to be "asking questions like this."

    As for 10, did you find him through your own efforts or with Slayer's guide? Keep in mind that Slayer's guide doesn't exist in Cythera for people to use.

    For 1, the Undine might too. If I recall, the statue of Jinrai was fairly human-looking, and the impostor obviously appears in human form. I'm not convinced that Omen is representative of the Undine.

    In 5, consider where you're looking. If you've only looked all over the earth for ruins, perhaps you should start looking in the sea, the sky, or in fire*.

    • I'm not responsible for what happens to your character if you try this.

  • You have two 5s.

  • DUDE! I so totally missed that!

    10: Ignae is an extra five.

  • They're related, that's why. Maybe 5.5. would be more appropriate?

  • What I mean is that Eioneus sees a fire-pit, and so doesn't see that there is a fire-spirit too.
    There are two fires, same as the two fives which I didn't see one of because there were two.

  • You make my head hurt and my eyes crossed.
    (Just as Magpie did)

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  • Quote

    5 Why are there Saldan ruins but no Igneas or wind ruins

    5 Is that place where you get the hero sword Undine ruins?


    You have two 5s.

    :blink: I'll fix that

  • As for 12, the place that you get the Sword of Heroes is the ruins of the Temple of the Cult of Scylla. Most likely, this was built by humans; however, since the Cult was something of an Undine front, it is possible that they aided in its construction in some way.

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  • It's guarded by the Undine's servants.

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