No Music?

  • I don't know if this is becuase my copy of Cythera is not registered (I registered it today, just gotta wait for
    the code from Ambrosia), but it looks like there is
    no music. (there is sound) I played for the first 5 minutes though, is it becuase the music
    is not going to be played at this stage?

    My G3 mac supports MIDI with apple quicktime4.
    Any assistance will be appreciated. :)


  • I've had this happen to me before too. It doesn't matter if you're registered or not. If you already have the music checkbox checked, you should be okay. A way of losing the music is by reverting to you last save in the same location (If you were in say, Kosha, and the music was playing, you revert to where you last saved which was in the city, the music stops). This will always happen when you revert. You should try cgoing to the prefs window, change the volume one tick and change it back, and you should be hearing things okay.

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