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  • Test your wit!

    Here is where anyone can put up puzzles, riddles, anagrams, mysteries, ect. basicly any kind of puzzles, that are Cythera related. Also it's better to wait for everyone to give up to post the answer to the puzzle.

    1. Puzzle can not exceed the length of a post unless it exceeds the length of a post.
    2. No animals or people must be harmed or transfigured in these puzzles.
    3. Hippy hoppy hi, hi ho hippy.
    4. There must always be a rule four.
    5. All answer must be placed in Spoiler text.
    6. All puzzles must be your own unless you give credit to the origanle creator.

    If there is enough attention to this thread we can make a highscores of sorts.

    Most puzzles solved or answered correctly:

    High scores rules:
    1. When the puzzle creator looks at a guests answer, they should edit there puzzle post and at the bottom post a list of all the people who got it right.
    2. To avoid cheating it must be a "one strike your out" system, meaning you only have one guess to get the right answer.
    3. To avoid a never ending puzzle, the puzzle maker should make a time limit to have the puzzle unsolved.
    4. If the puzzle maker does not want his puzzle counted as a high score puzzle, they must make that clear in their post.
    5. Canada should be called Canaidia.

    Have fun!
    ~Two Jacks

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  • Hmm... sounds like fun, too bad I can't think of any right now.

  • @ooshmaster_bot, on Aug 4 2007, 12:53 PM, said in Cythera Puzzles:

    Hmm... sounds like fun, too bad I can't think of any right now.

    Thanks for posting now I don't have to double post! :p

    ANAGRAMS! These are not for high scores:

    1. Kill and hangil

    2. Fis###ang nounwi

    3. Boats groot

    4. Games

    5. Cheort

    RIDDLES!: (High score riddle! Put your answers in SPOILER TEXT!)

    The only one that's nice,
    no where else will suffice.
    When my head is heavy,
    this one place is ready.

    PUZZLE (Non high score):

    What's are next 5 elements in the pattern?

    Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Air, Water, Earth, Air, Water, Earth,

    MYSTERY! Defanitly High score!:

    You arrive at the crime scene. Sherry lies dead on the ground with a bloodly knife laying next to her. Your job as detective is to find the killer.

    Victum: Sherry was a servant at the castle she didn't have any friend and she spent most of her day cleaning and going to and from the kitchen.


    Henry, The castle cook. He was always yelling at Sherry for being clumsy breaking dishes, though no says that he's the "Killing type".

    Mary, servant. Mary was the other servent in the house besides for Sherry. Mary says that she and Sherry used to be friends untill Sherry stopped talking to her. Mary doesn't seem to want to say anything else about the matter.

    John, a castle guard. He was closest to the crime scene on the night of the attack. He says that he was at his post when he heard a terrible scream, but when he got to the crime scene all he saw was Sherry on the ground, dead. John is known for getting drunk often.

    Beruth, the castle grounds keeper. Beruth is Sherry's father he says that the last time he saw Sherry was at night when they had gone to bed, how she ended up where she was is a mystery to him. People say that He and Sherry got along fine.

    Fredrek, the kings son. Fredrek is a known womanizer and heavy drinker. He says that the night of the crime he was already asleep in his bed and didn't even know the murder happened untill morning.

    (Post questions for the suspects and I will answer for them. Rember you are all working as a single unit but who ever posts the final run down of what happened, wins!)

    Go on now get cracking!

  • I know who it was! It was the...the... the SHAPE SHIFTER! GAAAAGH!

    p.s. - on the next mystery, give the characters Greek names, and it will be closer to a Cythera scenerio.

  • What is green, and poision seeps?
    What is green, and within murder sleeps?

    I say it was suicide, Twojacks :/

  • @zamzx-zik_bot, on Aug 5 2007, 03:44 PM, said in Cythera Puzzles:

    What is green, and poision seeps?
    What is green, and within murder sleeps?

    I say it was suicide, Twojacks :/

    To answer your riddle, YENOM (Backwards).

    And it wasn't suicide. :)

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