The Tavern at the End of the Universe

  • After breaking her previous record, Crazy suddenly remembered that she couldn't be the secretary for much longer because school started on Monday!
    She sent an enraged email to everyone in the CCC detailing exactly how annoyed she was about having to go back to school, then settled back to read her book.

  • exSecretary summoned the illusion of a game-console, with three controllers, and handed it to the Golem. The Golem sat down to play, and exSecretary joined him, and motioned 453 to join if she pleased.

  • Unfortunately, by this time, most of the cavern floor was wet, and exSecretary's dustbunnies were having to scramble up the walls to avoid getting wet...

  • The full extent of what had just happened took some time to penetrate exSecretary's soggy head, but when she it did, she was enraged beyond measure. Muttering bizarre and chaotic incantations, exSecretary bound the golem to forever support an illusionary Pump it Up console for up to four & two thirds players. But the hose was still running. ExSecretary melted away into a small mass of paper-pulp, and disintegrated in the flowing water. Many of the dustbunnies escaped the flood and hid in sock-drawers and under desks, but many joined their mistress in a watery grave.

  • "exSecretary, no!" screamed 453, running forward. "She's gone... no, she can't be! She can't leave Sely alone to terrorize the CCC! Maybe the paper can be dried... Yes, it's not to late," she tried to convince herself, gathering up the soggy paper-pulp and pocketing it. "Now, I must get out of here as fast as I can," her eyes darted around, looking for the way out, but fell on the Pump It Up machine. She grinned. "Surely it would not hurt to dance a bit first!"

    And so she danced until her socks became too wet, and she slipped and fell into the pool of water that now covered the floor of the cavern.

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  • Hearing an alarm from his terminal, Jehezekel fought his way out of the textile mound, and after a brief glance, darted out into the halls. It did not take him long to find the hose, and he cut it short in his hurry, and then rushed down into the caverns after it.

    453 was struggling to get up out of the water which had not yet finished flowing out of the extensive hose, but her socks kept causing her to slip back down, and she would not take them off. "Nummy!" Jehezekel called out as he entered the cavern and saw her. Then he noticed the golem and stopped.

    "That's odd," he said as he helped 453 to her feet, "I wonder how exSecretary got Cythera music and fan-songs on this Pump it Up machine..."

    And they journeyed back towards civilisation along the hose, until the end slipped past them...

  • Crazy finished her book and started the Alex Rider series, then remembered she had some homework to do and booted up the computer.
    Dear Ma-Chong, she typed.
    Now, how would a Korean refugee think?
    She typed furiously for a few minutes, then looked up at the screen.
    Cursing, she realised it might have been a good idea to start up a Word document first.
    She sent an angry email to everyone, telling them exactly how annoyed she was. Then she got back to her homework.

  • Zamzx walks in with a dazed expression.

    Waht? All power to the forward deflectors? Would that be dividing, or subtracting?

    Whatcha talking aboot?

  • Plunged into total darkness without a guide, Jehezekel was on the verge of despair, but 453 could hear the dustbunnies chattering on their way out, and they followed them back to the CCC.

    The edifice appeared to be empty, but then they bumped into Zam on their way out to look...

  • Crazy finished her homework and decided to go to sleep. Just because she felt like it, she started another word document and carefully balanced a battery on the f key.
    Watching the f's wind their long way across the screen, she started day-dreaming about ways to bug Selax.

  • Selax meanwhile had returned to his room and was now reading a book entitled How to Become a Dark Lord. At the same time, he was still idly wondering how to restore activity...

  • As zamzx recovers from mild shock, he nods at Selax and says "This is your webfourm" :

    This is your webfourm on spam : # @$QDC!@#!@!@#$@#$@RR@%@#$%$@##$*"

  • Suddenly, several Cytherans jumped out, grabbed Zam, and dragged him to the dungeons where he would forever lie in agony knowing he was partly responsible for the death of the topic.

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