Big and rather funny .3 bug

  • Has anyone ever tryed their hands at weaving?

    Has anyone noticed anything...Interesting?

    I weaved 8 bales of flax into thread. I looked in my inventory, and I see 8 spools of thread and...8 bales of flax. So, I went to the loom and made some cloth. (8 pieces, to be exact). So I look in my inventory and see (gasp) 8 bales of flax, 8 spools of thread, and 8 reams of cloth! I started selling the flax, but every time I said goodbye another 8 had appeared in my pocket! cha ching!

    Then I tried to put it all down.

    It kept comming! I just kept dropping and dropping and dropping and...pant pant pant...Well, I still have 8 bales of flax, 8 spools of thread, and 8 reams of cloth!

    I normaly ask how to fix it, but I'm not sure I want to! :)

  • Hahahahahahaha... =)

    Okay, awright, that settles it. Let's have a show of hands vote:

    Should Jason eat the bugs, or should the BETA TESTERS?

  • Neato! Then you can continuously sell them to that person who buys flax in Odemia (I think)! Oboloi, HERE I COME! :)

  • Yeah, it works great for now, but you can't get rid of the thread. It could rapidly become annoying if you have 8 spools like I do. But if I only get 1 bale next time: Hey hey! Ledgendary upgrade, here I come!

    IS there anyway to get the ledgendary upgrade? I know the blacksmith in the mountain can't do it...

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