Fun things to do in Cythera

  • I thought I'd start a list of fun or interesting things in Cythera that people may or may not know about. I'll start with a few.

    Aethon is hillarious. Take him to the mint in Cademia and see what he says. Also, take him to either the Cademia or Odemia jail. It is also amusing to talk to a tavern owner while Aethon is present.

    Use a gavel.

    Get every item. :p

    Explore the "killing a sleeping person" glitch and see what kind of strange item they turn into.

    Talk to "Nothing", the strange, dead, invisible person in the northwest corner of every map, who you can kill over and over again.

    Try the little-known "real time" mode. It doesn't work very well, but it's interesting. To toggle it on and off, hold option and press the spacebar. I found it by accident.

    Talk to the ghosts in Abydos at night.

    Kill Magpie.

    Kill everyone.

    Use the Wishing Fountain.

    A little easter egg - ask people about Gene - it's an easter egg referencing Gene Leonard, who is mentioned in the credits.

    Try using different fountains. Some locations have unique responses - the fountain in the cave below the Cademia sewers mentions something about the mineral content being high, the one in the grotto below Kosha is salt water (Sort of a clue), and the one in the Scylla Temple is poisonous. There may be others.

    Feel free to add to the list.

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  • Hehe first off, good topic idea ooshy.

    Ok get a bag of flour, then use the bag on (b)anything(b\) you don't even have to be next to the ground tile or item to cover it in flour! My little brother once covered all of LKH in flour. I still have the screen shot. I think he tried doing the whole world map once to.

    Use the "Fetch" spell on cities and entrances on the world map. SAVE you game first.

    Use the corona to free UrSylph, and then attack him. (Prepare for the longest fight ever!)

    Kill lots of people and then arange there bodies to say things like "HI!" or "REDRUM!". Then take a screen shot and post em up you sick sick person.

    Try reviving a replicated corpse.

    Use a farsigh potion or crystal ball while faceing the ocean or the void. (More interesting than fun)

    That's all I got.

  • Gosh, I'm surprised by how much on that list I didn't know! Well, in any case, I managed to plant bombs in every space possible in one of the caves (I forgot which one, one of the small ones, I think the one with the wolflizards) and then light them. Try it, though don't try it in cities, they go boom before you get a chance to light them all.

  • Try using bombs as your main weapons. Or using the strategicly (I'd make everyone wait first)
    It's pretty fun.

    Also, role playing in-game is awfuly fun. Acting like a cowboy; saying "Howdy" to people, or sending messages with accents is always a blast.

    And talk to yourself.

  • That would be a sign of instability.

  • Make butter :D
    Play instruments
    Make cloth for no reason.
    Go hunting for food.
    Use weapons you don't normally use- throwing daggers, spears, slings, etc.

  • Quote

    Kill everyone.

    I most heartily agree.

  • You can make butter?

  • Ask Alcmena about it ^_^

    Also, I have fun replicating myself huge collections of everything I could ever need, hee.

  • Put wine in a bucket.

    Chest B is in Chest A. Put Chest A in Chest B.

    Chest C is in Chest B. Put Chest A in Chest C.

    Sleep on a palette.

    Use wood plank on broken section of bridge in Eioneus' Cave.

    Ask your companions about various items.

  • Eureka!

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  • Place lit bombs on the tables in the dining hall at Pnyx while the mages are eating.

  • Good ones Visitor, I forgot about the bucket one. Also, try overstuffing a chest with a TON of items. It should eventually fill up all of the visual slots in the chest, and the new items going in will overlap the old ones! It's kind of annoying, as you have to take out all the items back out to get the ones underneath back, but it's interesting.

  • Kill someone put a lit bomb in them and resurect them

    Collect corpses and stuff them with food.

    Sell Dimonds to collect a ton of cash!

    Kill everyone in Cythera

    check every wall for secret passages.

    Find a fishing hole

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  • Hack the save file.

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