Wishing fountain

  • I'm new here, so I don't know if this question has been answered yet. I've been browsing through the topics a bit, but I have yet to see this.

    When you get to the underground maze thing in Pnyx after you kill the demon and go to the room with the chest. There's a wishing fountain in there that asks you what your wish is. It only lets you wish once though, then it starts ranting what seems suspiciously like infomercials. Obviously there's key words you need to type in otherwise it'll just tell you that your wish is found elsewhere.

    What are you supposed to wish for?

  • Oh, you found the fountain, eh? Thats just a funny easter egg.

    Apparently, it gives unique responses to wishing for a pony , gin , and three (more wishes) , although the game supposedly over-writes these with the standard wish reply. I don't know for certain; I never confirmed this myself.

  • In the opening of the game, it mentions informercials on the hero's television. So I believe that this whole Cythera adventure is just his dream, and the wishing fountain is proof!

  • Well bread if you wanna be deep than yes I would agree with you, but if you wanna have fun than it's an easter egg. :)

  • IT'S THE ALIENS!!!! o.O um, welcome to the boards... have fun!

  • More information about the fountain can be found here.

    Doesn't the character think (or at least feel like) it was all a dream when he wakes up? (Personally, I think that it is actually supposed to have happened.)

  • I always thought it's one of those things that happened, yet they didn't. Sorta like they happened, but in a different dimension or something with totally different time.

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