Alarics Brazars Question

  • I heard Bryce say something about lighting the brazars in some way, a light will show. Could someone please tell me this trick?

  • The order in which you must light the braziers is as follows:


    The game will prompt a hidden message about a ' Second Path of the Lightning Bolt '. Slayer once linked this to the ' Order of the Tree of Life ', long before we knew the Tree itself existed within the game. I believe, but am not myself certain, that it has some significance in Hebrew mythology. It would stand to reason, however, given Andreas' fondness for such obscure historical curiosities.

  • I think that's it's a reference to a branch of Jewish Mysticism called the Qabbalah (I have no idea how this is actually spelled). Here is another topic about it, perhaps the most descriptive one.

  • Thanks so much! Maybe that riddle had something to do with something, like a map to a secret passage.

  • Probably but even more likely the riddle is useless because the Tree of Life was either never made (and is an unused string), or cannot be reached.

    EDIT: Nevermind, it has been found to my great astonishment.

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  • I'm not certain whether the riddle has anything to do with the Tree of Life. Possibly, it was intended to in the finished game, but it's doubtful that we'll ever know that for sure.

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