What good is Weaving, anyway?

  • Does the skill Weaving serve any useful purpose? I mean, I can use it to turn flax into thread and thread into cloth, but then what?
    1. Is cloth useful for anything? Can I make it into something else?
    2. Will anyone buy thread or cloth from me?
    As far as I can tell, the answer to these is "no." Anyone know otherwise?

  • That's what I'd like to know! As far as I can tell that was a waist of a good training point.

  • Maybe you could sell the cloth to the cloth maker in Odemia? Otherwise, I would like to know the same thing.

  • Hey Slayer. Know the answer to this one? Are there other abilities that are pointless to train in? I have 2 training points and I just joined the Ratcatcher's guild. What should I train in and how do you talk to that bum and get him to teach you persuasion?

  • There are a number of skills that are worthless:

    Fishing- There is no deep water as far as anyone knows

    Locks- Aethon has this skill, and to get it, you must have Aethon, so it is worthless

    Thievery- There's a trick to take stuff without thievery

    Gambling- There are much quicker ways to earn money

    Runes- While not completely worthless, I find that I have never used runes to good effect

    Traps- Same as runes

    All but one weapon skill- You only use one weapon at a time, so you might as well only train in that weapon

    Body, Mind, Reflex- Costs too many points

    Haggling, Persuasion- While not completely worthless, you usually have enough money anyway

    Here is what I do recommend training in:

    Sword- The most powerful weapon in the game is a sword, so you might as well learn how to use it

    Attack- Improves your overall attack power

    Defense- Gives you more hit points

    Casting(8)- Lets you learn any spell you want

    Mana- You should have at least 28 magic points so you can use any spell

    Awareness- Lets you know what time it is

    Alchemy- Necessary to complete the game

    Cooking- Necessary to complete the game

    Details on how to get any skill can be found on my page under skills at (url="http://"http://www.sweepies.com/cythera/cythera.htm")http://www.sweepies....era/cythera.htm(/url)

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  • This is ambrosia's first trial in creating an rpg. It has some great features but the creator needed to put more effort into plot, explainations, use of spells, skills and history. Another sharware maker, rhymes with spiderleb, made a great series of rpgs. He focused on story rather than features and while the story grew in each chapter the founder of(__) improved upon the SAME game engine. He made it sleeker, improved graphics, spells, etc. Point is I think this was just a exepriment. Other rpgs using the same engine, with BETTER stories, will follow.

  • test

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  • About training for one weapon: bad idea. Edged weapons (eg, swords) do well on almost everything...and then you start trying to hack away skeletons, and it doesn't work. Train in at least three: sword, mace, and barehand. This does not count shield, which is almost a given.

  • My favorite PHYSICAL WEAPON is the axe. I PREFER TO USE magic to fight, but everyone needs some physical fighting. One note about theivery, if you have a newer version of Cythera, like me, the theivery trick doesn't work, but it has a helpful notice asking you if you STILL want to steal it if it doesn't belong to you.

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  • How do mind, reflex, and body help you? I use mine sword just fine on skeletons, but that's because its the sword of heroes, which is the only sword that does damage to magical creatures (you can find a list of them in Alaric's study, if you need it).

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  • Body slightly increases health, as well as letting you carry more and do more damage. Reflex increases your health more than body does. I think it also makes you more likely to hit. Mind increases your magic ability.

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