• 'Ello peoples, I recently (Five minutes ago) decided to finally register on these forums, but I've been playing Cythera for quite a while now and this seemed the best place for me to say hi.

    Edit: And I posted the wrong smiley in the title >.<

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  • It's okay, we care not for smilies!
    Welcome to the boards
    Cythera is indeed a great game

    Hello from me!

  • Hey, I think I met you quite a while ago on Oberin.

  • Hi welcome to the boards, nice avatar make sure it stays away from mine. So what made you want to finally join the boards?

    (Made with 100% Oak Wood!)

  • Yes, yes, welcome to the forums, pallidsoulfire!

    Few dare venture into the ancient ruins of our once-great forum-civilization, although in the past few weeks a number have entered the vaults of our Chronicles and glory, but regrettably enough, few stay for long. Nevertheless, I believe I speak for all of us when I say that I hope you do endure long enough to be a regular poster here. Perhaps, if you do, you will join us in the Tavern.

    And remember, if you have a question about anything at all, do not hesitate to ask.

  • Aye, I play my share of Oberin. What was your character name?

  • Welcome to the Cythera Web Boards, pallidsoulfire! I can only reiterate what everyone else said. Hope to see you around!

  • Thanks for the warm welcomes, people. I don't really know why I suddenly - Mmm... fresh mouse... - decided to register here, seemed like fun. My character name on oberin was Thaerik or something, not entirely sure, I played then quit, then started again with a new account and new characters.

  • Greetings, pallidsoulfire, and welcome to the Cythera Web Board :) .

  • Eep, I forgot to welcome you, Fire @_@ Sorry! Welcome to the forum! ^_^

  • Welcome! Have fun and make yourself at home! (just don't trash anything irreplaceable)

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