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  • Poll: What do you think should be done for next TS? (14 member(s) have cast votes)
    What do you think should be done for next TS?
    A plot somehow concerning a "mirror-universe" Cythera
    (2 votes [14.29%])
    Percentage of vote: 14.29%
    A short simple Cythera-related plot, like Ruffian Encampment
    (10 votes [71.43%])
    Percentage of vote: 71.43%
    Other (please explain)
    (2 votes [14.29%])
    Percentage of vote: 14.29%

    To start off, I apologize for the rather limited poll choices on the first question: I'm kind of short on ideas at the moment to be honest. Hence, the "other" option which will hopefully bring other ideas and possibilities to light.

    I have been doing some thinking about next TS and wondering if we should try another TS like Ruffian Encampment.

    Right now, I can think of only two loose ideas. One of which is the old 3. Cythera could be invaded by alternate Cythera. This would something like the above idea; however, instead of themselves being twisted, the heroes would have to fight twisted versions of themselves from the alternate Cythera. As some of you may have noticed, I posted a possible lead-in to that in the Tavern here. However, given the recent slowness of the board and last TS, I'm not certain that there would be enough people around to make such a TS fun.

    This concern leads into my second idea: a short simple and more Cythera-related TS plot which would, I hope, attract people back to the boards. (Hence, the second question: do such TSs lead to more activity or do they not? Essentially, did Ruffian Encampment fulfill its goal?)

    I quote my post here to explain the idea behind such a TS: I had thought of doing just a short, small TS to start an arc of TSs which would gradually merge into the current TS arc and hopefully achieve a satisfactory (to all members) integration. I was thinking that it would be very similar to the Undine Stronghold TS, which seems to be one of the old TSs most closely related to Cythera. It would be similar in length—something short to renew interest in TSs. I had thought that the plot might also be similar (but this could cause a lack of interest in this TS because it might seem uncreative).

    What do you think?

    Please vote and offer opinions, criticism, ideas, etc.

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  • Time travel!

  • Another idea that's been thrown around is that of setting a TS outside of Cythera. An example would be a world based on the elemental systems of China or Japan; this would be Cythera-inspired but give people a chance to play new characters and not be forced to respect an unknown body of information about a pre-existing world. However, I would want it to actually be separate and not see lame excuses about characters moving there beforehand or back after, and I understand a lot of people are attached to their characters.

    I also have a couple of separate ideas for TSes I could lead into, but these would revolve around me playing the villain--and I remember from Shadow Games how problematic it can be for any one person to provide the central motivation for the plot.

  • I haven't had any experience with mirror-Cythera yet, it might be quite interesting.

  • I think that simple mostly game based plots are easier for some of us (indicatory motion toward self) to follow, and know how things would be happening. For that reason It's easier to write posts for that kind.

    On the other hand, more exotic plots/locales are awesome. And probably easier for those who are less familiar with the original game.

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  • i vote zombies.

  • @jacabyte_bot, on Jun 14 2007, 04:02 PM, said in Ideas for next TS:

    Time travel!

    Please elaborate.

    At the moment, there don't seem to be enough votes to form a strong conclusion (which seems to me to indicate low activity and to perhaps argue for a shorter TS like RE).

  • I voted for the more Cythera-related short TS like RE on the first part of the poll. I really, really, really like the idea of a mirror-universe TS, and I could have soooo much fun writing my characters with evil personalities. I just don't know if now's the time for it. I think that we're going to do that TS sometime anyway. If not now, then after this next TS, but we simply have to do one sometime. It's such a lovely idea.

    The reason I voted for a Cythera-related TS is because I would like just a short, simple TS to get everything flowing again after this last TS's lengthy periods of silence.

    On the second part, I voted "No.' My reasoning is that the brand "more Cythera-related" on a TS does not make people instantly decide that it should be worthwhile. A good, fun plot with plenty of flexibility and openness for others to come up with their own ideas is what entices people more than the Cythera-related element. RE just happened to have one of those short and interesting plots, but still very basic. Not to mention all of it's flexibility. All it had was a start and an end goal.

    In fact, I have a proposal. Instead of starting with the no-planning basis or saying that "it has to be this way," what if we picked something in between? I like planning a little of the TS myself, but not so that they can't change for others. Here's my three step experiment for making an active TS: (Disclaimer: This has not been tested! It is not guaranteed. To me, it just seems plausible that people could all enjoy TS's more if we followed this theoritical system)

    • There are only a few things a TS really needs. The first is obvious: Decide on a good plot. Stories aren't stories without their plot. Remember that your plot can't be too well-planned. Just get the overall idea of what you want your TS to be about.

    • Next, create your TS on the webboard so that anyone can join in. When you write the start, think about your plot and decide where you want it to begin. Remember that the beginning needs to be captivating with enough happening in it to gain people's interest.

    • The last one is the hardest. Take another look at your basic plot. Choose where it needs to end, not a specific ending that can't change, but just an idea of what everybody needs to be working towards. Don't plan too much about what the group will do along the way or how they are going to achieve your end, but some planning is okay. I love planning things, and I prefer to map out some of the TS. Often times, there are specifc scenes or conversations or chases or subplots that I want to stick in the story. If there is one that you would like, then work toward putting what you like in, and take advantage of any opportunities to do so if you like. Just remember that some others may have some ideas that want too, so keep your eyes open for other people's plots so that you don't have to step on their toes too much.

    A fourth item doesn't really exist. The main thing is to make sure that if you do introduce a subplot or anything else, it can still relate to the TS's main plot and be pulled back or merged at any time. The main story is the TS's plot, so push it forward whenever you can. Don't be afraid to push the plot forward if you can!

    I think everyone gets the idea. Not a no-planning basis, because we have to have an idea of what everyone is working toward so that everyone and anyone can each push the story on. But not too much planning, it still has to be flexible enough for anyone to join in and push it toward the end.

    Again, I have never tested these points; I don't know how they work. They sound nice when I read them, but I have my doubts that it's going to work. I'm willing to give it a try if you are! :)

  • I think the idea behind your theoretical method is accurate.
    Beyond that, yeah, who knows what would really happen...

  • (Warning: I am somewhat tired, so the following might not be organized.)

    At the moment, it seems a shorter, more Cythera-based TS is winning, so I shall start thinking of an idea.

    In addition, I suggest that we observe the usual short waiting period between TSs (i.e. the break in between where most characters stay at the Tavern) after this next TS.

    Personally, I think that more people need to be more active in working on the main plot when it is open. In older TSs, it seems to me that more people added twists to the main plot or moved it along or in some cases it seemed that the main plot was pretty much made it up as they went along (until it got too late in the TS for such things). Perhaps, a better way of putting it is that when a simple idea was suggested people did a better job of inventing twists and obstacles along the way: basically, they participated more actively in the main plot.

    It seems to me that, lately, in TSs where the plot has been left open most people have done nothing with it (perhaps afraid of interfering with others' plans?), causing the TS to be pushed along by a few people and the plot to end up being planned and influenced by a few people. Thus, I am of the opinion that things might work better with a small group of people doing some planning to control and drive the TS. This might, however, not be needed if people participated more freely in the main plot.

    People should also probably not introduce so many subplots.

    Here's a funny idea that I doubt would work very well or be very popular: restart the entire TS continuity (i.e. nothing that has happened in TSs or Taverns has happened), giving everyone a blank slate. This could even extend to characters. (This would probably not work very well, as I said.)

  • How to make a good TS (as seen from my perspective)
    1: don't worry about stepping on toes
    2: make it relatively clear how your feet got where they are, so that it doesn't look like you teleported across the room for the purpose of being where the toes are ^~
    3: Have a creative good time!
    4: Post often! (not less than 1ce a week ^

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  • Hmm, I would say people need to be more tolerant of others using their characters and to leave more things open, but I think that some respect for others' characters and their plots should be maintained.

  • So, does anyone have any ideas for next TS?

  • A ratlizard infestation?
    While the Heroes were gone to the Ball, ratlizards have overrun Cademia, It is a serious issue, as not a few venture out into the streets during the day, and at night not even the rooftops are safe.
    What has caused this catastrophe? How can it be stopped?!?!

    It should be a short TS (har har)

  • A glitch in the writing of the software has rendered all the people of Cythera (apart from our heroes, of course) TWO-DIMENSIONAL! (hehe)

  • A ratilizard infestation might be doable...possibly a more comic sort of TS?

    Possibly, some sort of TS concerning the message that the braziers (in the room next to Alaric's study) contain?

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  • I don't have any ideas at the moment, but I wanted to give this a bump.

  • Does anyone have any suggestions? All of the ideas that I have had are neither really short or Cythera-related.

  • How about a TS about the mystery behind the two rings inscribed "742, Will to Union" which are possessed by a lich in the first stronghold and the jeweler in Kosha respectively? (This might also involve a resurgence of the Cult of Scylla.)

    Unfortunately, school is starting; thus, I do not expect a TS for another month or two.

  • What about something involving the simultaneous discovery of the "real" Fetch spell/tome, (perhaps when Selinus is doing his spring cleaning or whatever), and the place where all those Fetch'd things go?

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