Omen's Test=The Maze of Initiation

  • The Maze of Initiation


    It is only through tests and ordeals that a prospect can truly be initiated into the mysteries of Scylla. The candidate must therefore pass through the Maze of Initiation. This alone shall test the worthiness of the candidate.
    First, the candidate must find the secret, for only through secret knowledge is the path to future growth unlocked.

    The Secret Passage with the crate


    The second test is a test of power, for only through strength can the door to reality be opened. If they hesitate, or are errant in their use of power, surely shall that power destroy them.

    The bomb and the magical door. If you wait, the bomb will blow in your face :ninja:


    The third test is one of planning. Only through proper planning can the obstacles in life be pushed aside, revealing the means to open the innermost chamber.

    Pushing away the crates to get to the lever


    Finally, the true maze of comprehension must be mastered. Though the paths in life constantly switch and change, through comprehension can this maze be mastered.

    (Quotes from Pallas Athen's book collection)

    It all fits together!

  • Indeed, I remarked on this myself after having recorded the book.

  • It does seem quite likely that the two are one and the same, which leads one to wonder if Omen had anything to do with the Cult of Scylla and what his role in that might have been.

  • Omen is an undine, Tavara + Undine, umm? This would suggest that Tavara could have been Omen's master but he's a human/lich, so that complicates things.

  • I don't think that Tavara was Omen's master. However, Tavara did work with the Undine at some point in the past, and they almost undoubtedly had some role in the formation of the Cult of Scylla.

  • Well, yes, for one thing the scylla seem to be servants of the Undine or at least they follow them, and Tavara seemed to be interacting with Undine.

    (If this is gravedigging, I am sorry but I have been too busy to catch it dissapear!)

  • It's mainly the letters that can be found in the Temple and the Strongholds. It's possible that the two sides have had a "falling out" since that time.

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