thanks-giving (but not the turkey kind)

  • may contain warm-fuzzies (but not the mold kind)

    some of you may have already seen (or even posted in) this topic on the B&B. for those who haven't, the basic premise is to acknowledge forum members that have affected you in a positive way. it seems to have done some really good things for the B&B, but we quite definitely have our own community here, so i thought we deserved our own topic. (Selax has also assured me he 'probably won't get mad' if i posted something warm and fuzzy, and he makes Avatara look like a cuddly teddy bear in comparison :p)

    i'll start things off (in rough chronological order) (and yes there's some overlap with my B&B post)-

    Avatara - for being my favourite moderator to date, and one of my best friends ever (online or off, and whether you admit to it or not.) there isn't much to say i haven't said already, but thanks for 7+ years of listening to me rant, putting up with me no matter what trouble i've caused, making me laugh, co-writing with me, and consistently pushing my buttons by being so engimatic. ;)

    cache22 - although i'm never sure if you're gone for good, you taught me limitless amounts not only about writing but about being a writer. writing Hand of Fate with you was an immense honour.

    Moonshadow - again, you're probably gone for good and will never read this, but i learned so much about drawing from you and was inspired every time i saw your work. your art is an influence i've carried with me for many years.

    idiotSavant - quite definitely gone for good, but you impacted my life phenomenally, and i know i am a better person for it.

    Dark Jet - ah, our many random conversations, about everything from 'bananas' to girls to pancake ingredients. ;) (i've known you since you were eight or nine, do you remember?!) thankyou for being my friend.

    Ragnar0k - you're one of the best writers to come through these forums, and getting to know you taught me a lot about myself. like i said in my B&B post, you really are a wonderful person.

    Pallas Athene - for being all-around awesome. that is all there is to say.

    BreadWorldMercy453 - for being my bestest girl-friend online, and always sharing girly moments with me. <3

    Jehezekel - for taking care of BMW. :p

    Mackilroy - we've had our share of conflict, but i'm impressed that in spite of everything, you continued to be friendly to me. i'm glad we've been able to overcome our differences and end up on good terms.

    if i didn't mention you, it's nothing against you- you're all wonderful people, and this place has been my home for so many years. the list would just get very long very fast if i mentioned everyone, so these are generally people that have been role models for me or that i'm particularly close friends with.

    now everyone, it's your turn! whether you have one person to mention or twenty, go ahead and post, share the love, etc. try and irritate our affectionately-challenged moderators with copious amounts of warm-fuzziness ^_~

  • I'm so glad you posted this, Kat ^^ I normally run far away from BnB, but that topic was one I couldn't resist reading, & checking back on later... Everyone's just so nice suddenly! ^^

    Shorty - I could easily write ten pages on how thankful I am for him, but I'll summarize ^_^ I thank him more often and more sincerely than I thank anyone else here, and yet he's the one to whom I still owe the most thank-you's. He's taught me so much, he encourages me, helps me, comforts me, fixes me when I'm broken, he's willing to do crazy things with me just because I want to, he shares his vast collection of really cool information and skillz with me... And he spends hours on end doing any of those for me. He's more than any person could ask of another person, & I love him madly :D

    Illy - It was near a year ago that Illy taught me a handful of important things that really influenced my thinking in a way that I think is loads better than it used to be. What I mean is, I'm not as obnoxious as I used to be (emphasis on "as"), and I thank Illy for that. And through all these months, Illy continues to chat and maintain a friendship with me, even though we're very different people. I much value our friendship ^_^

    Tyry - He's the greatest moderator ever. He's also a good friend ^^ It's hard to make a really upset person truly laugh, but Tyry can do it. His jokes, the images he can find faster than I can type, his way of reacting, his puns... They are golden. Talking to Tyry is flat-out fun, no matter what kind of mood I'm in. I also admire his perseverance. Just being friendly with someone I respect this much makes me so happy! ^^

    Kat - My bestest internet-girlfriend <3 She's the only person I remember from my peek into the forums six years ago, so it feels like I've known her forever ^^ She's always got a girly ear for listening, which is a great convenience for me, closed-teeth grin. She's one of the first people to come to mind when I think "friend" ^^ I am especially grateful to her for enduring however-many months of me coming to her saying "Shorty's so cool, I wonder if he likes me? Yesterday he said..."
    Ooh, and I also thank Kat for amusing us all with her comic, for starting this thread, and for her inspiring determination at life :D She rocks.

    Sely - Our moderator! I have no idea where Cythera would be without him, but that's not happy to think about! I appreciate all his work for Cythera, how fun he makes staying up all night, and all the times he forgets to wikilink ^_^

    Wizzy - Though he's rarely around, I think he's a really great person; and I dance every time I see him. He also makes staying up all night fun :D

    Fiery - Fiery's a genius. He's also hilarious, and says the coolest lines that make me smile for months afterwards when I randomly remember them ^^ I was going to stalk him, but then I moved farther away :\ Oh well, he's really really cool ^^

    Valy - Gone but not forgotten. Valy is brilliant at making girls feel good <3 He's said at least a couple of things that have still stuck with me, and I appreciate his kindness. Our stories miss him, as do the storytellers, I'm sure. Valy is always cheerful, I admire his attitude. And if you ever reads this, Valy, thank you for what you said on the BnB thread <3 And for being my valy all this time! grinz

    Kme - The channel user-list looks so empty when he's not there ):

    Crazy - For fun times, and for reminding me of the joys of random hilarity.

    Koy - For teaching me about the "outside world" and for the engaging conversations he starts.

    Heery - For hearing me out whenever I'm wanting to be heard.

    Two Jacks - He's put me in a fit of hysterical laughter at least a couple of times ^_^

    Percy - He was one of the first people I interacted with on this board, and thus he brings a handful of happy memories ^_^

    Buzzy - He's cool, and often quite correct.

    Hamster - (I don't know if he counts as a Cytheran, but whatever) For making me think of cute little hamsters (and not just because of his screenname) ^_^

    Zaffy - Though it's been a long time since, he was once a source of great amusement.


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  • In the order that I could form a decent line regarding ^_~

    Selax - For helping me get started when I first arrived in Cythera

    iKaterei - For keeping us in line

    Nummy - For reminding me that life is for living

    All the Ancient Ones, for the marvellous stories that convinced me that Cythera was worth visiting ^_^

  • As I promised:

    iKaterei - it's been well worth it. You gave me this awesome avatar and you make me laugh a lot. Plus your comic is great. I bookmarked it. :) I too am glad we worked through our differences.

    Num453 - for being funny and always willing to chat

    Shorty - a font of humor, goodwill, and stability

    Selax - a fellow Kansan and moderator. :)

    I'm not really familiar with most of the other Cytherans. Sorry guys and gals.

  • Rubber Ducky - For moderating the graveyard that is the PoG forums, and being nice at the same time.

    Buffalo the Kid - For encouraging me to continue with my Ferazel level set.

    iKaterei - For making me this awsome avatar and contaminating the ASW forum with warm fuzzies. (We're all gonna die!)

    BreadWorldMercy453 - For making me laugh and for providing me with text laughter. (Yes, more! My power grows! Muahahaha!)

    Selax - For enhancing the Cythera forums.

    Cythera Hacker Team - For discovering the grove of the Tree of Life, and finding all sorts of way to have fun in Cythera.

    Hamster - For aiding in the rodent revolution!

    ooshmaster - for making enough activity in the Cythera forums that it made me stay long enough to get to know everyone.

    Turkey - Sweet delicious turkey, I want you inside me, mmmmmmmmmm. Oh yeah, that's it.

    Fog City Diner - I'll be there when I turn 18, eating the best burger and fries in the world.

    Scarves - Come on, no one ever thanks scarves.

    The letter J - It brought us a sesame street episode and is just plain cool.

    Letters - For, without them I couldn't express my self on the interwebiverseinettube system.

    Well I think that's it, thanks everyone! You've all been very kind to me during my stay here, and well, I have something I need to say...

    I'm a man.

    Thanks again,
    Two Jacks

    Edit: Hmm, I think I'll giving something back, You Kindness! No something better... Here's a couple YouTube links:

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  • @two-jacks_bot, on Dec 8 2007, 05:11 PM, said in thanks-giving (but not the turkey kind):

    Scarves - Come on, no one ever thanks scarves.

    GOOD POINT! I do not know where I'd be without my scarf, but wherever that is, I'd be frozen-solid. It's so easy to take my dear scarf for granted, and yet, I owe it my life. Let's declare this day Scarf Appreciation Day! :D

  • Hmm, I might note that the purpose of this topic is to acknowledge FORUM MEMBERS who have affected you in a positive way, specifically Cythera members ;) .

    That said, this seems kind of hard to me: just about everyone (past and present) who has passed through here should be thanked, as without them this community might not exist and so many wonderful TSs would not have been written.

    So, first: Everyone!

    Next (in no particular order and not listing all reasons: I apologize if I forgot someone):

    Avatara: For preserving this community and for all the great TS and other types of posts that he has given. He was very kind to me when I arrived and recommended me for this job. He's also quite an amusing person.

    Wizard: For obvious reasons. Although he hardly ever posts, he does a really good job when he does.

    Mackilroy: For being a fellow Kansan and moderator :) . He's also one of the funnest people to talk to on irc and would be a great addition to TSs (a not so-subtle hint ;) ).

    453: A very amusing person. Her posts in TSs are always funny and annoying her on irc is always a most amusing activity.

    iKaterei: Another great TSer and part of the Cytheran Old Guard. In addition, in starting this topic, she said one of the kindest things anyone has ever said to me: I'm more heartless than Avatara! I'm accomplishing something!

    Jehezekel: A loyal and dutiful Cytheran (as well as a fellow Kansan!)

    Ragnor0k: A wonderful writer and a real good addition to the community, despite his short time here.

    cache22: Also a really great writer, one of the best here in my opinion. His posts are always a pleasure to read and his presence in any TS is always a plus.

    Slayer: For obvious reasons.

    Bryce: A good TSer (as I recall) and absolutely the best at Cythera hacking. Without his work, I would have accomplished absolutely nothing on that field.

    Pallas Athene: For his work on Cythera books an dialogue.

    Hmm, I might add more later. Methinks that I'm more thanking people for their contributions to the community, but, as the community itself is positive, I see nothing wrong with that.

  • (This topic made me realize that we had no "Happy Thanksgiving!" topic this year, which is kind of sad. . . we'll have to make sure to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!)

    Who am I thankful for? I really don't know what to say. Every single person on the Cythera board has had an affect on me and, I believe, changed my life for the better. I really do appreciate all of you here, even the new members; it's just thrilling to get to say "Welcome to the Cythera Web Board!" to bunches of people that you never knew before. :p

    I'm going to try to make a half-way decent list. The order is none, probably when names occur to me and (like what Jehezekel did) when I can think of what to say best.

    Selax: For non-obvious reasons. Really, I don't know how this guy got on my list. . . It might have something to do with the fact that he really is a cute, cuddly, and oh-so-soft teddy bear. :) Anyways. . . (I also like the way that he used colons after member's names, whereas everyone else used dashes. I'm using colons, too)

    Avatara: On top of being the moderator of the boards at the time I joined, Avatara is a very sweet and likable person. He was about the first person I ever met on #cythera, and I have spent many hours in enjoyable conversations with him. He is funny and has a baffling ability to instantly come up with good, innovative plots. He's also had a very positive affect on my own posts.

    Katerei: Kat makes chit-chatting fun; she says funny things at the right time. She's very good at writing TS posts, when she participates. She is also quite the artist. In fact, I found out just recently that she has a webcomic, which I was hoping she would give me the link to again, since I forgot it :rolleyes:

    BreadWorld: My internet-sister is a simply amazing person! She is very gentle at times, very sweet at others, but usually she's just bursting with joy and good humor. It's a pleasure to talk with her and watch her reaction towards things you say and, of course, wikilinking.

    Jeh: I like Jehezekel a lot. He's quiet and reserved, except when he has something funny and/or uplifting to add. I'll have to quote Mack in saying that he is a fount of goodwill and stability. Although, for a while, he had this strange tendency to hide under people's shoes. . .

    Mack: I haven't spent too much time with Mack, but he is from Kansas! He is also an ardent Star Wars fan, and the number of times that he and Selax have babbled on about Star Wars Expanded Universe stuff in front of me makes me more and more thankful that I never bother trying to understand the Expanded Universe ;)

    Desert Fox: DF is also one of the first people I met on #cythera. He's never around anymore, but I still remember how much I enjoyed the times I spoke with him. He's a very nice guy, and his posts in my first TSs helped me to hammer out Wizard's characteristics and personality a lot.

    Moonshadow: Now I'm started down memory lane. Really, I barely knew her, but she did give me cause to smile a time or two on irc.

    Slayer: He retired shortly after I joined these forums (I guess I was just too much trouble for him to stay on top of ;) ). But I still am thankful to him for being our rock-solid moderator for so long and for making Slayer's Guide. Where would this community be if it hadn't been for him?

    Cache22: He spent a lot of time working to make wonderful Cythera chronicles and improving our TSs with his posts. I'm very thankful that he is still around sometimes, being one of our few members left from a long-past era.

    Zaphod: Because you knew he would have to be on my list. He was such a good little bot, did everything you wanted him to do.

    Kickme: I don't know kickme very well, but I agree that #cythera looks kind of desolate unless his name is on there.

    TwoJacks: TwoJacks has inspired me to do things that I am regularly too lazy to do. When he had questions on Sheepshaver, it gave me the interest to research it further. More recently, he has inspired me to email the hacked save files to those that can't download the ".sitx" versions. (And I will get around to this, TwoJacks. I'm still thankful for you, though) Oh yes, TwoJacks is also a very nice guy. He never says anything negative, just positive, funny things.

    Rythan: My list would never be complete without adding Rythan. He wrote some splendid works for our TSs. I also found that he was just a fun person to talk to on #cythera. I enjoyed him a lot while he was around.

    Dark Jet: I haven't gotten to spend as much time talking with him on irc, mostly because he's never around when I am. But I feel a degree of camaraderie with him because we both have to put up with those power-hungry, moderating bothers... er, I mean brothers ;)

    Buzzy: I think Buzzzzy spells his name with four z's. I can never remember. :) But I do thank him for all of his work on Cythera. He's researched bugs, taken tons of screenshots, and even edited one of his screenshots to make Bellerophon surf! That gave me a smile.

    Visitor: He was the first person ever to comment in my profile! :) He's also very nice, and his vocabulary in posts simply blows me away. . . I'm quite thankful that he's recently started to partake of TSs.

    Muse: Muse is one of our new members who makes very nice TS posts. I'm thankful for the way she writes posts from inside the mind of her character (hence her name "The muse in your head" :) ) which helps to put the writer, me, back in the mind set of a hero on Cythera. I'm also thrilled to see a new generation of TSers on our boards.

    SIB: Along with Muse, SoItBegins is our latest addition to TSing. I enjoy reading his posts, and he has also added his fair share of plot twists. It's very nice to see that there still are people around interested in TSs, and SIB's offering to join was one more person who helped convince us that we did have enough people for another TS.

    Heero: I really haven't even spoken to TMB other than to say hello, but to think how often I used to see him on #cythera, I just figure that it's worth thanking someone that has the interest to invest time in such an old game.

    GrayShirtNinja: For bringing life, however brief, to our poor, ignored Tavern.

    Ooshmaster: I remember when Ooshmaster came around during one of Cythera's dead times and brought some interest back to the boards.

    Pippin3: I very nearly forgot you, Pippin! :) I'm very thankful to Pippin because I enjoy his/her participation in TSs and I get a kick out of writing posts dealing with Satori. (I really don't know why, that character just fascinates me)

    Torak: Torak reminded me of when I was younger and used to play Cythera with my brother at like the age of 9 or 10.

    Bryce: For the countless hours he spent on Cythera hacking.

    Half-Truth: For sparking my interest in David Edding's fiction.

    Gandreas: Of course because he made Cythera and absolutely none of this would ever have existed if it hadn't been for his hard work and devotion.

    Everyone else from new and old: Because a Cythera member is a Cythera member, and that gives me a common interest with them. And I'm thankful that they ever had that interest. Also, the old members brought us where we are today.

    Well, that's my list for the moment. As everyone else said, if I forgot you, it's nothing personal, I just honestly don't remember. Although, the fact that it's 3'o clock in the morning might be why I feel so tired. . .

    So thank you everyone so very much! The Cytheran community is a wonderful thing, and I'm very glad to be a part of it! We need to hang on to it for as long as we can.

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  • @the-wizard_bot, on Dec 9 2007, 12:48 AM, said in thanks-giving (but not the turkey kind):

    Katerei: She's very good at writing TS posts, when she participates.



    In fact, I found out just recently that she has a webcomic, which I was hoping she would give me the link to again

    it's in my signature precisely for the people that forget it. also, you win the 'most smileys in a single post' award for that post :p

  • @ikaterei_bot, on Dec 9 2007, 08:55 AM, said in thanks-giving (but not the turkey kind):

    also, you win the 'most smileys in a single post' award for that post :P

    I forgot to hit the "disable emoticons" button in my original post on this thread, and I got an error message saying I used more smileys than the board allows O.O

    Ooh, & extra thankies to everyone who thanked me, I shall treasure your kind words in a girly memory-box :D

  • Ah, at least Wizard didn't forget about me, I guess my status as the forum's resident guest has come at odds against me ^_^. The kind words are greatly appreciated; sometimes I wonder if my efforts to maintain a fluid vocabulary is really worth it.

    Now, onto the thank yea's!

    The Wizard : Firstly, for mentioning me, among the myriad legions of more notable people, and, secondly, for being such a good participant in TS's, writer of chronicles, and the like.

    Glenn Andreas : The maker of Cythera. I wish he'd stop by more often.

    Slayer : The undisputed Emperor of our forum, even in his departure. He saw our forum civilization rise to power to rival even the EV-ers, only to have his empire crumble to ruins around him. I hope that, someday, he'll stop by and visit again.

    Bryce : Doesn't come by often, by always blows us away with something or other when he does. Due to his hacking exploits, his expertise of the Delver engine is likely matched by only Andreas himself. Was also a pretty good chronicle writer back in the day; I still remember his random chron generator stories fondly.

    Avatara : Known as Tyrael to some, Avatara is the most powerful--and longest running--moderator on the Cythera forum. He faithfully serves as regent in Slayer's forever absence.

    Cache22 : His superb writing is, ultimately, what convinced me to finally stop procrastinating and join in the Tavern (and, later, a Team Story). Goes missing for long periods at random intervals, but is a very witty, clever writer, and exhibits his talents fully whilst he is here.

    Theo Nean Donly : Long since gone, but I remember his wit added a lot to the forums during his tenure.

    Idiot Savant : Much like Theo, I never really knew him, but I knew of him, he being a member of yea olde guarde. Like many, his talents are missed.

    Pippin3 : A talented writer with a handle reminiscent of JRR Tolkien's work who has a penchant for disappearing at odd times.

    Rogan : Easily one of the best chronicle writers in Cythera history. His early works are what finally convinced me to try Cythera (and I have yet to regret it).

    Desert Fox : Was a faithful TS participant in his time. More than a few extended story arcs are attributed to his genius.

    Selax : Our newest moderator. Joined after I did, and, courtesy of his ambition, has risen to great heights in the forum hierarchy. He's even worked with Bryce, who I consider to be something of a role model.

    iKaterei : Seemingly never around, but she, like many Cytharians, is a talented writer.

    BreadWorldMercy : Good writer, but still a bit new.

    Jehezekel : Hasn't been around as long as some of us, but is showing notable talent.

    Buzzzzy : A good and friendly member, who sometimes gives us warrant for a laugh.

    SoItBegins : The new kid on the block. Looks to have a promising future here on the Cythera forums.

    Muse : Also shows potential, despite being quite a recent arrival.

    TwoJacks : Another talented fellow, with a head full of zany ideas, and the stomach to put them to use.

    To Anyone I've Missed: Sorry if I forgot you. It's hard coming up with something to say for so many people.

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  • @the-wizard_bot, on Dec 9 2007, 12:48 AM, said in thanks-giving (but not the turkey kind):

    TwoJacks: TwoJacks has inspired me to do things that I am regularly too lazy to do. When he had questions on Sheepshaver, it gave me the interest to research it further. More recently, he has inspired me to email the hacked save files to those that can't download the ".sitx" versions. (And I will get around to this, TwoJacks. I'm still thankful for you, though) Oh yes, TwoJacks is also a very nice guy. He never says anything negative, just positive, funny things.

    Hell yeah, four lines! Take that everyone else! :p

    Yes if I forgot you, sorry. There are many talented writers on this forum, that can also spell better than me, that I should've mentioned and I hope you all know that I love to read your TS posts. Thanks everyone, merry christmas! (it's what I'll be celebrating even if I'm not christian or the like)

    Now back to the hole in the kitchen wall where my cozy fire burns and my comfy chair waits next to a hot meal.


  • Oops, I'm thankful to you too, Visitor! Sorry, I was many using my channel-logs to make sure I didn't forget anyone, and you're never there d:

    But you're a great writer, and TSs would be weird without you! ^_^

  • I'm going to cheat and thank everyone, because it wouldn't be Cythera without you!

    But special mention to 453, for being my anti-wiki twin! Yay!

  • Hugs Crazy ^_^

  • Yay!
    And also to iKat, for making me my awesome christmas avatar!

  • awww no turkey!

    **Pippin3: A talented writer with a handle reminiscent of JRR Tolkien's work who has a penchant for disappearing at odd times.
    :laugh: Like JRR Tolkien ey? sounds interesting, And what can I say, I am always drawn to this place when I am in the mood for writing.

    Pippin3: I very nearly forgot you, Pippin! smile.gif I'm very thankful to Pippin because I enjoy his/her participation in TSs and I get a kick out of writing posts dealing with Satori. (I really don't know why, that character just fascinates me)

    Thanks for the mention Wizard! I am glad that my character is interesting!

    Anyway on to my thanks-giving.
    Wizard** Your posts are always interesting and are in great detail and generally a readable length that explains and progresses the story!
    Which admittedly a skill that I lack.

    Dusk Some fantastic chronicles written, and generally a very capable writer.

    iKaterei Some excellent posts!

    Moonshadow I remember some very good posts.
    Avatara** Used to add to many TS during his time, and still some today... I think.
    ** I don't truly remeber you being around for very long, but for the posts you have done I enjoyed reading alot.

    And Everyone else! You have helped keep this board alive

  • @-visitor-_bot, on Dec 9 2007, 11:04 PM, said in thanks-giving (but not the turkey kind):

    Rogan : Easily one of the best chronicle writers in Cythera history. His early works are what finally convinced me to try Cythera (and I have yet to regret it).

    Thank you for the kind words Visitor. It's nice to be remembered, considering how long I've been inactive on these forums, and it also encourages me to start writing about Rogan again :) every now and then I find myself sneaking around on the Cythera webboards though, and it warms my heart to see that there's still life here, even new people joining and contributing. Cythera is an awesome game still. I'd come here more often, but I guess I've just moved on. I still game and write a lot, being an officer of a roleplaying guild in World of Warcraft, but some day I'll fire up Classic and play Cythera again.. I miss the game.

    And now for the long list of thank you's..

    Thanks to the old gang for introducing me to the team stories and the webboards; Slayer, Avatara, theKestrel, Talos ( Ancient Lore still cracks me up), GameFanatic and Theo Nean Donly. Special thanks to Slayer for his guide, GameFanatic for his funny characters (who can forget Fanatic's grandpa, or the frog and its subsequent ghost, which used to be a padlock?) and the rest of you guys for awesome roleplaying. I still remember our heroic feats in The Undine Stronghold , hunting for epic loot and riches in The Tale of the Treasure , chasing Slayer's Evil Clone after successfully getting hold of the long lost Book of Tavara , and relaxing in The Alraeican Tavern... when it wasn't being destroyed and rebuilt in some creative manner, that is :p bar supports hitting people in the face left right and center...

    Thanks to Dusk for befriending Rogan in character, creating some very amusing roleplay with him, his interesting stories in general, and the very original and troubled backstory of his main character.
    Thanks to Desert Fox for his contributions to our epic stories, most notably The Tale of the Treasure.
    Thanks to Heidel for his well-written, imaginative chronicles that really inspired me to better my own writing.
    Thanks to cache22 and his army of Ronin for the great team stories.
    Thanks to iKaterei, Big Joe, Bryce, The Wizard, ~vIsitor~, Selax, Idiot Savant, Ferazel_09 and Moonshadow for their awesome team story contributions.

    Thanks to the people who left long ago, to the people who still remain and the new members who help keep this place alive and vibrant with good ideas.

    And last but not least, thanks a bunch to Glenn Andreas. For obvious reasons.

    My memory is rusty, so a big hug to those who were forgotten. And hey, if anyone plays World of Warcraft on The Venture Co (Europe), give me a poke here, or on my most played characters, named Meleager and Bahoudin ;) one day I'll roleplay Rogan as well, but the damn name was already taken.. hehe..

    All the best,
    Rogan Edwards - Explorer, adventurer, battlemage and wine aficionado ;)

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  • Pretty much everyone who was here when I started up a couple years ago and still had access to Cythera. The boards were slower then but it was still fun to post and wonder about Cythera. Although my posting in this board has slowed I still read it every time I'm logged into ASW.
    Of course I like all of you because you bring some fun to my day when I log in ;).
    Notables from when I started up and other times-
    Seldane, Slayer, Selax, The Wizard, Visitor, Avatara, BWM (never knew you were a chick until one day on #cythera)

  • Good to see you around, Rogan :) .

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