The Alraeican Tavern - Part IX

  • Aster had been looking up, so was able to dodge the falling baulks of timber. However, some of the other patrons weren't as lucky.
    After the noise had died down somewhat, he reached for his mug of grape juice. A large piece of roof was floating in it.

  • The ninja lightly hops from falling rafter to falling rafter and gracefully lands on the ground.

    "That didn't go quite as I planned. I seem to have lost my beverage.

    ...what sorts of beverages does this place serve anyway? Personally I prefer root beer or a good darth_vadar. I only drink authentic FleemBlasters™ though, so don't bother offering me any."

  • Jehezekel nodded in response to Aster's reply, & casually dodged as lumber started raining down. As the dust settled, he finally noticed the newcomer.

    "I recommend this." he said, raising his jug of grape-milk, "It's quite good."

  • "Grape... milk? Sounds interesting."

    The ninja gives it a try.

  • Unfortunately for everyone else, the grape milk was a very odorous drink, with vapors that acted like a sedative for the surrounding patrons. The conversations in the tavern slowed to a crawl and people began sleeping at their tables. The bartender looked out the window, noticed it was almost dusk, shrugged and accepted an early end for his job tonight. He glanced at the sleeping patrons strewn about the tavern and smiled, before closing the door for the night.

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