Wine Contract's been in my Head.

  • Well, the wine contract has always been in my head, and I've developed a number of theories and tried several myself in vein.

    1 Maybe by getting the Vinyard that's grapes have gone sour to get back to normal will get him to sign your contract

    2 Maybe, just maybe, someone else in Cythera knows how to make wine, and will sign the contract

    3 the second kelp may have had something to do with it. Slayer lost it, maybe that's why he couldn't finish it.

    So there, I'll probably have more theries to come.

  • The widely accepted opinion is that the contract mission is a MacGuffin, to kick-start you onto the plot. That said, if you can prove otherwise...

  • But why would someone go through all that trouble? Maybe they dumped it because didn't want us to get to rich? 10 obals a barrel seems better then tradeing flax.

  • I think this might help answer your question :) .

  • Still, why did they abandon it. My theory is above

  • Uh, there are countless things Glenn abandonded but I doubt this is one. I think it's more likely to lead you to the end, and as for the second kelp it could be A. an alternative, or 2. a teaser for demo-users.

    There are other missions that are worse and more obviously abandonded (I think).

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