Success (mostly)

  • Regarding changing the character's picture

    As was briefly discussed here, I've been experimenting with trying to get the character's picture to change and to make the change permanent.

    I think that I have succeeded (see below for results), although I can't get the character's portrait to change unfortunately.

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  • The title of that image is very fitting. :P

    Edit: Oh, and congrats :D That's really cool, I want to try it!

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  • Yays for geeky skills! ^_^ dances

  • Wow that's awsome Selax, good job! By portrait do you mean the picture of yourself in your menu screan?

  • Thanks, Two Jacks :) . Indeed, I am referring to the menu picture.

    It helped when I realized that a character's picture number is not the same thing as the item number (which should have been obvious to me sooner...). I managed this by creating two characters (one female and one male) and then looking for a difference between the number that refers to the male picture and the one that refers to the female picture. Surprisingly, it actually worked. Although many things between the files were different, the picture differences were clustered together and actually quite easy to find.

  • Now if we were masters of the code, we could create our own stories and characters. Ah well, good job (and find)!

  • Yes, it is a very nice job. It would be fun to play through the game as Alaric. Pity the portrait can't be changed though.

  • Thanks, all.

    Maybe, someday, I'll get around to sorting out the rest of the graphics and create an Ur-sylph character. It would be really fun to find out how to change the pictures for all party members...

  • Well, if we could some how change dialog... It must somewhat easy to find dialog code, (I really don't know what I'm talking about here so please bare with me), since there's so much of it in the game. So if we could change hectors sprite ID into say I don't know UrSylph then we could also change the dialog to match the scenario. :)

    Though if one could change the dialog this would only be small potatoes.

  • I don't know, I swear you people put multiple kill buttons in just to fool me. (A kill button is family slang for the button that closes the window. Just so's you know.) Not the first time I clicked on the wrong one...

  • Hmm, quite interesting.

    Playing around as Alaric a bit, I, 453, and Wizard found that the character seemed to be invincible :blink: .

    First, we attacked Demodocus (spelling?) and killed him without getting hurt.

    Then, we killed the cook.

    We attacked Hector and, when still not getting hurt, attacked Alaric at his court. We still did not get hurt and did not even get any spells cast on us.

    Either I changed something and forgot or having Alaric's graphic makes one invincible.

  • Nice, the Cythera god cheat has finally been found. :p What do I need to do this?

  • Forget God mode; LandKing mode all the way baby!


    Sadly, I'm the closest thing we have to a diety.

  • POWERS!!! ^_^
    but I wonder what UrSylph mode would be like...

  • I haven't found Ur-Sylph's graphic yet, mostly because I haven't really been looking lately ;) . I'll probably try and duplicate the results with the Alaric graphic by trying it with a new character.

  • I'm curious as to if changing the graphic itself messed things up, or if it was specifically Alaric's graphic. Of course, I can't test this for myself, because I don't know how ;)

  • I'm not sure. I created a new character and gave him the Alaric graphic. Using him, I cleared out the abandoned farmhouse (and was unhurt by the spike trap even though I crossed it multiple times).

    Then, I attacked the students at Pnyx. They were able to paralyze, terrify, and confuse the character (although he just stood still); however, they used up all their magic firing Mystic Arrows at him and then resorted to barehand attacks.

    Thus, I think it's safe to say that the character is at least mostly invincible.

    To change the character's graphic, I simply change three bytes (one of which controls the picture of the character in the party bar). I wonder if one of these also controls some properties associated with the character?

    (This character was a mage, and the first was an explorer. Should I try to upload both the addons page?)

    In an attempt to answer to your question, 453, I tried to attack Hector with Hebe's graphic and got killed. I have yet to try it with anyone else though.

  • Thankies, Sely ^_^

    So we've discovered the secret to invincibility! Looking like Alaric! Now let's test it out in real life: Sely, dress up like Alaric and jump off a cliff ^_~

    Nervous Please don't ban me. <3

  • Don't worry: it's Avatara's turn to ban you today :p !

  • Very interesting find Selax


    create an Ur-sylph character


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