Succeeding in the impossible

  • (Well, sort of)

    Look closely at the attached screenshot for information on just what I managed to do.

    Also, feel free to guess how I did it. If you give up or don't feel like guessing, just read the Spoiler text. (I'd tell everyone now, but I'm curious to see what kind of answers I'll get.)

    I will give this hint: the information that Slayer's Guide gives on the quest in question is accurate.

    Oh, by the way, it has nothing to do with the character's stats. I did that in ACE, so I'd have an easier time working on the goal that this particular character was created for.


    Actually, I didn't even beat the Wine Contract quest or even work on it in the game at all. I did a bit of experimenting with Res-compare and Hex-edit and figured out how to mark a quest as done. It is not actually done at all: it merely appears to be.

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  • You found the byte that controled wether a quest was checked or not?

    Edit: Also you never told me if I was right in the other hacking topic.

    Edit" Nevermind, it seems it just took you a while.

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  • Neat, now get that Books of Wisdom checked. ;)

  • Oh, sure, Two Jacks, give the correct answer first and spoil my fun. :(

    Actually, parts of quests appear to be very easy to edit. They are not located at static addresses, but a certain number of addresses (which are signified by a particular combination of bytes) seem to be set aside to store quests.

    Sadly, checking them does not finish them. You can give yourself later versions of the Books of Wisdom quest (e.g. one where it says you have four books turned in instead of the two you actually turned in), but it seems to have no effect (i.e. the later passwords don't work). Thus, I assume that effects are in some separate section.

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