Please Remain Calm!

  • The hurricane only wants to be your friend!

    Cythera is not getting a lot of posters but I advise that the most logical reason is the end of the year, I am positive that people will return with the end of the year, and if they don't this has happened in the past, Cythera goes through a Posting drought, sometimes last weeks deserted, but please remain calm, Cythera forum does this more then once around this time and when Slayer 'quit' (Notice the quotes) Let's just hang in there until were through this 'drought'. Though the worst possibilities is that we end up like the Ferazels Wand forum. :(

    There was at least one post that told us abandon ship, but we didn't! and Cythera entered another Golden Age! So hang in there!

  • Three cheers for Cythera, and tenacity!

  • Personally, I'm not really alarmed, although I admit that I might be a tad bit annoyed. Cythera has been slower before.

    As a matter of fact, Witch Hunt (the third TS in its arc, I think) was slower than the current TS (the fourth in its arc, I think). Perhaps, I should start another TS like Ruffian Encampment after the current TS ends, although I was thinking of doing an alternate-Cythera TS, if enough people were interested.

  • I almost thought Witch Hunt would never end, then it did.

  • It was quite an odd feeling to come back from a year's absence to find that the Tavern was practically right where I'd left it. And then Witch Hunt ended, and new people joined the TSverse, and we enjoyed a few months of extreme activity.

    I'd say that Cythera isn't a very Balanced web community, :laugh:

  • It's all my faaaault! Sobs
    hehe, just kidding. I'm currently fighting the homework monster.

  • Me too. Especially at the end of the year, with finals and weird tests and packets of homework due on the last day, etc.

  • HOY ALL.
    Yeah I have been gone for long, but live once more!!!!

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  • Hmm, does anyone have any suggestions about how to restore interest in (and thus hopefully activity on) the board?

  • Give aways?

  • I think an increased level of activity will do much toward restoring interest in the boards.

  • Yes, but we need interest to restore most of the activity.

  • @crazychick_bot, on Jun 28 2007, 09:44 PM, said in Please Remain Calm!:

    Yes, but we need interest to restore most of the activity.

    But we need activity to make interest...

    (This could go on for a long time) :p

  • And we need to find new things other than new ways to kill people and make them turn into random objects.

  • More hack&slash puzzles!

  • @it-000_bot, on Jun 1 2007, 08:15 PM, said in Please Remain Calm!:

    Though the worst possibilities is that we end up like the Ferazels Wand forum. :(

    Ouch! Last time I checked me and Zelda were the only real regulars there. Ah well...

    Hmm try riddles, trivia, how Cythera relates to yur own life, make a map of your own cythera world map from all yur umm role playing text sessions?, make something like "Slayers Guide" for all you stories (including weapons, spells, characters, city, map, ect.). All this makes it easy for people to join and keep interest. If I started a story I would keep editing the first post to tell people where was the story was at currently. Also everyone should bow down to the all powerful god Two Jacks, lord of everying and judge of all grand affairs. I created the elements and they shall rule their lands as they see fit, for all their efforts only bring forth creation.

    yawn gettin' late, gotta get back to editing my FERAZEL LEVEL SET, PROGRESS LOG LOCATED IN THE FERAZEL FORUMS, CHECK IT OUT TODAY!!! :) :laugh: :p Selfless advertising? I think so...

    Good luck with yur forums, I'll be lurking here and there...

  • It's obvious. We all need to come on twice a day. (My computer has been dead for the last three days. That's my excuse.)

  • My good computer's (G5) motherboard was fried thanks to a faulty power cord. Gonna cost $500 to fix it. Still got my good'ol G4 tower, that's how I was able to finish half my level set and the read me. I check the forums twice a-day still, and was surprised not to see a new post on the Cythera forums in such a long while.

  • Unfortunately I cannot check every day but I can stay a while on days I do. Typically I don't use any computer at all on Sunday and I still have SAT studying to do. Not to mention the old PowerMac I run Cythera on is, well, old, and slowly breaking down. It freezes about as often as a modern cheap PC (haw haw!). And it runs Mac OS 8.0 (as an upgrade, originally it ran either System 6 or 7, I forgot, it's been on OS 8 as long as I remember but apparently my Dad upgraded it a loooong time ago).

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  • We could go to the Yahoo Cythera boards and bring 'em all here ;) :)

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