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  • Finally Here!

    Observation 1

    Observation 2

    Well, after an unreadable picture clipping, a broken disk-drive and a flash-drive hogging freind <_< I got the pictures on the internet!

    It appears to be a bird of some sort, I don't know if it's flying because of the bug, or if it has inheriant elevation. Please respond on what you think.

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  • I think thats supposed to be the "Flying" sprite for the Chickens. Said chickens apparently have a "Can Fly" flag checked in the game resources, but said function is never used in-game (or, at least, never used under normal circumstances). That would explain why the sprite is superimposed over your character; its flying over you.

  • I would think that a "flying" enemy would work just like the flying harpies, but like vIsitor said, they would appear to be over you. I can't think of any sprite in the game that changes so much when moving, so that probally never got that feature working.

  • I know! It's a chicken being abducted by aliens SYLPHS!!! ^_^

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  • Quote

    I know! It's a chicken being abducted by SYLPHS!!! ^_^

    don't tell anyone,


    but the unicorns are next

    :rolleyes: ....

  • Hmm, interesting find.

    I wonder if it would be possible to give the hero this sprite and make one's character able to fly...

    Actually, yes, it is. One does not seem to be able to fly over trees, mountains, people, or other such objects, however.

    One can, it seems, fly over poison, lava, and . . . water :) .

    EDIT 2:
    Gators can swim by the way. One chased me into scylla infested water where it met a nasty end...unfortunately, I did too.

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  • Sweet! Is it possible to be a 2space sprite, such as a titan?

  • Heh. Cythera hax are getting better all the time. :cool:

  • That is very, very interesting; it would be fun to fly around Cythera!

    I hope this question doesn't mean too much work on your part, but: Can you fish? If you can fly anywhere, it seems to me that if deep water exists, then maybe you can find it and become the first Cytheran to fish!

  • IT 000, thank you for the awesome find ^_^

    I've been bugging Sely over #cythera to upload a flying-chicken saved game, but it appears he's simply too important to do such a thing :\ It's a shame, though, because I would like to fly; and after Wizzy's comment, I don't think I'm the only one who wants to double-check for deep water ^_~

  • We should at least get pics of the ends of the earth.

    On that note, there should be an archive of interesting cythera things. So many have been discovered, I'd hate to loose track of them to time.

  • Quote

    Gators can swim by the way.

    So can Polyps.

  • you guys never cease to amaze me

    I'm back btw

    got the computer up and running finally :D

  • yays! welcome back! Join the TS! ^_^

  • See if that guy (The name escapes me) is in the North-West corner.

  • You mean Nothing?

    Under what circumstances would a chicken fly in the game anyhow? Stab—ow—flies away—GET BACK HERE!!

  • Good to see you around, Muse :) .

    453: I think that you've misquoted me somewhat :p ...although I can't quite recall what I said at this point in time either.

    I'll try to upload such a save file at some point (probably with a mage character), but I don't know when I'll next have time to work on that sort of thing.

  • Aug 17 19:25:53 <Num453> While playing as a flying chicken, can you talk to people?
    Aug 17 19:26:09 <Selax> You can do everything normally, I think
    Aug 17 19:26:24 <Num453> So you can, like, cure Alaric? o.O
    Aug 17 19:26:29 <Selax> Including using a torch or attacking a unicorn or getting hit by a swamp gator or a scylla
    Aug 17 19:26:37 <Num453> wh00t!
    Aug 17 19:26:44 <Num453> I'd like to try that :D
    Aug 17 19:27:17 <Num453> (Which you could make much easier by sending me a flying-chicken saved-game file, hint)
    Aug 17 19:27:18 <Selax> The sprite doesn't adjust for changed direction. You always face the same way, although the wings do move
    Aug 17 19:27:42 <Selax> I probably will have to upload one to the addons page, I suppose

    That's all you said about it, I think. Oh well, if you think Calculus is more important than flying chickens (it isn't), then fine. I guess I'll just have to figure out how to hack games myself...

  • Incidentally, I experimented and you don't seem able to fish anywhere. I tried all four corners of the map and the water still wasn't deep enough.

  • I'm back!

    hides from thrown objects

    How do you guys find all this stuff, anyway? I've always wanted to know.

    ++ Love the flying chicken!

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