Happy Valentine's Day!

  • I guess since no one posted anything earlier, I'll post this topic. Selax was probably hoping that Valentine's Day would pass without even a mention! Sadly, I have nothing special, so here's a little heart:

    Posted Image

    Edit: Okay, so according to the board's official time, it is actually not Valentine's Day anymore, but it is for me. And that's enough.

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  • "Rubies are red,
    Deep Water is Blue.
    But neither of them...
    ...Can be reached by you."


  • Another lonely heart reporting in.

    Mmmm, cake.

  • A belated happy Valentine's to my fellow Cytherans ^_^ I guess not much happened on the forum because everyone was too busy going out on dates?

  • Actually, I was just addicted to Aquaria. I beat it the next day. :)

    I could have made something Cythera-valentine-heart-dumb-joke related thing if I had a bit more time, but meh. It's way past anyhow.

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