How far can you get?

  • Before it crashes!

    I noticed that Cythera seemed to crash almost everytime I entered another map while booted in Mac OS 9.2 on a Mac OS X-running computer (at least when the saved game has already been opened in standard classic), and was wondering how far anyone can get in the game from the beginning before it crashes. Remember that you have to have booted up in OS 9.1 or 9.2 using a barely started savefile that’s been played under Classic emulation.

    So far, I’ve gotten as far as the end of the Ariadne missions, and one time was able to complete them despite taking a side trip to Pnyx.

    If someone can think of something better to do in Cythera (other than hack saved games), go ahead but I'm kind of curious about this. :D

  • The shortest I've gotten is leaving LKH, the longest is probably the cademia sewers.

    Other thing I did was not register. You can do anything except get Timon and beat the game.

  • I didn't have any trouble with it crashing when I played my save-file (from Classic) on Shorty's computer, booted into 9, if that counts. Are you sure Cythera had enough memory allocated to it? o.O

    To be fair, my Cythera game often crashes when I save.

  • Basically, you play a game in Classic emulation during OS X (not booting up into OS 9) for a while, then boot it up in OS 9.1 or 9.2, and load the game. Although it tends to crash even if you don’t do that for me… Allocating memory didn’t seem to do anything while booted up in OS 9, but it does prevent the game from being corrupted under Classic.

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