Coders/graphics people needed

  • For work on Open Source Engine

    The title for this topic will be refined as more input comes in. This opening post will probably also be revised as more people give input or as I think of more possibilites.

    The idea of an open-source engine to run Cythera on OS X has been somewhat discussed in this topic.

    The odds against such an idea succeeding may be quite large, but there's no way to know for certain without at least trying.

    Hence, this topic.

    The major goal of this topic is simple: assemble a team to work on an open-source engine for Cythera, once said team is assembled petition gandreas for the game data, and, if the second step is successful, start work on said project.

    I must point out that the game data is needed for this project. There is no certainty that said data will be available, but, as I understand it, part of the purpose in assembling a group to work on the project is in the hopes that gandreas might be more inclined to release the data if there is already a team to work on it.

    I must also note that there is no certainty that this project will succeed or even get started (being dependent on the data), but one never knows until one tries. I also suspect that there is some amount of work involved.

    I personally lack the skills required to say what specific qualifications and skills are needed, so I'm going to be very generic.

    Computer coders and graphics artists (assuming any work needs to be done with the graphics) are needed.

    There are tutorials for computer languages and such available, so being an expert is not required, although some knowledge of coding would probably be useful. One just has to be willing to learn and to help out wherever possible.

    One also has to be willing to work (at least somewhat) with others.

    I would suggest that a programming language be chosen when more people are signed up. Python has been recommended, so, if you're looking at programming tutorials, it might be the language to look into.

    I'll do my best to help out once this gets going, but my qualifications are quire minimal (one C++ course and some hacking at Cythera save files).


  • You can tentatively put me down for graphic work depending on exactly what's needed (but I guess we don't know that yet.)

  • Thanks :) .

    Hmm, methinks this topic needs a more descriptive title. Either that, or I need to recruit a band of mercenaries to round up "volunteers" for this project...

  • Fine, fine. I'll volunteer.
    I can't code or graph, so I guess I'll... um.... test?

  • I should stress that prior coding experience might not be needed (I don't really have any): just be willing to learn if possible :) .

  • I'll help in any way I can. If our goal is to get the original data, how much graphics work is really going to be needed? But that's not too important I guess; I'm willing to learn some coding and help in that aspect as well.

    Also, I don't want to destroy any hopes, but we may never get the original data. If that happens and if we manage to assemble a working team, I think we should channel any effort for this into potentially making an open source Cythera-esque game, much like Bryce was saying he's been working on. Now, obviously I don't think many of us have the skill in coding required for that but coding a new engine would be an excellent step. Just putting that out there.

  • I also have no experience with this kind of thing, but I'm never too lazy for reading material.

  • Ferazel_09 and I are working on the Ostendi engine,
    We are still working on it, of course, but it already has a resource manager and GUI kit, although we are still adding widgets to the latter. It may already be of some use to you. We're also currently writing an RPG using it, but that's a year off or so. Everything is open-source of course.

    Email me if you have any specific technical questions or there is something you want me to do for the project.

    Best of luck on this project.

  • Hmm, well, we could use an experienced coder tell us where to get started :) .

    Could Ostendi be used for this purpose (I seem to recall that possibility was mentioned in the previous thread)?

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