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  • Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell how to use pandora's box to hack into cythera saved games. I want to give my character 255 training points but I can't figure out how. If anyone can help me that would be great.


  • Welcome to the Cythera forum! ^_^

    Have you already downloaded Pandora's Box? If so, open it up. Cythera has to be open too. For "Search in application," select "Cythera." For "Size of search value," select "Byte (+255)." Now in the search box, enter the number of training points you currently have. It should come up with thousands of search results. Leave it there (don't clear the search), and go back to Cythera. You need to change the number of training points you have. If you have a few, use one to train in something. If you had none, you'll need to level up to get more. Once you've changed the number of training points you have, go back to Pandora's Box. Enter your new number of training points into the search box and hit "search again." If you still have several results, go back to Cythera, change the number of training points you have again, and search that new number into Pandora's Box. Once you get only one result, highlight it and click "change value..." Change the value to 255 ^_^

    If you don't have Pandora's Box yet, I or someone else can help you find a downloading linky...

  • You can also try the ACE! editor (which can be downloaded here). It has a module that enables some editing of Cythera save files, including the number of training points.

  • Hello, Noman,

    I can't really add anything important to what's been said, but I want to provide you with a few useful links:
    Pandora's Box v. 1.1 is available via the Cythera add-ons page (Direct download link)
    One of our previous moderators wrote a guide on how to use Pandora's Box which can be read here. Personally, though, I'd stick with BreadWorldMercy's guide.
    But if all of that is too confusing, Slayer, the author of the guide linked above, created a character at the very beginning of the game who already has 255 training points (Direct download link)

    Also, the add-ons page is here in case you were wondering.

    Good luck! :)

  • Thanks everyone! that really helped, I never heard of ace, that makes things a whole lot easier.

  • You're welcome.

    Welcome to the Cythera Web Board, by the way :) .

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