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  • Hi everyone. I decided to re-play the game as a rogue, and I have 3 pieces of the crolna. Now I need to get to the grotto but first I need the password to the musical lock. I went to ask demodicus but he wasn't on the bridge. I could just go to slayer's guide, but I also just wan't to find demodicus. Can anyone tell me where he is or how I can get him back?

  • It's a nuisance to find him again after he leaves the bridge @_@ Start asking around at all the inns, they're send you all over Cythera. You should eventually find him visiting the mage-musician in Cademia, but you have to go through the entire goose chase first.

    If you don't want to go through all that, the code to get under House Comana is PHJMD.

    Edit: I'm adding in a couple of links I found, a topic and a post. Good luck finding him ^_^

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  • Thanks for the advice, I always thought that he just vanished for a while and then just randomly appeared on the bridge later in the game. By the way, nice name.

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