Speculation about the existence of the elementals

  • An interesting question that recently came to mind (partially because it has something to do with the Blazing Trails TS): how aware is the general Cytheran populace of the existence of the elementals when might they found out about them?

    Around the time of the game, it is quite plain that basically everyone, except Prusa and apparently Comana, knows next to nothing about them. It seems unlikely that most of the ruffians—with ones such as Antiphus possibly being the exception, although it's unknown how much he knew or if he were even referring specifically to the Undine and not simply to Comana—employed by Comana know much, although the fighter at the camp might know something. The only ones that most people have heard of are the Seldane and most consider them only legends (as I recall) despite the existence of the ruins.

    The Sylphs and Undine are mentioned in one of the creatures books (I can't recall if the Ignae are as well), but I get the impression that this is a book of lore and such legends are no longer well known. Such legends, at least, do not seem as widespread as those of Metics.

    After the game, Comana and its servants are destroyed, although there might be some surviving ruffians. The existence of a shapeshifer is also now common knowledge. Importantly, Hector, Meleager, Timon, and Aethon can be assumed to have learned of the existence of the four elements, unless Magpie does something to their memories.

    The question is: do they tell anyone?

    The only clue that I can think of is that Bellerophon knew what Jhiaxis was but did not tell Thuria. This might suggest that they won't, but it is hardly conclusive.

  • I should like to ammend the following, if you don't mind:

    The Sapphire Book of Foundation was traded with the Seldane in exchange for "some sort of knowledge". The Historian-Mage Anisa was able to find historical records of the event, but she openly admitted that she found the account very strange. Then again, seeing as the "Metic" legends sometimes implied that the titular race was still alive, it could be speculated that such things are, in fact, widely known but not widely believed (certainly Judge Metopes got to wondering if the old legends were true when the Crolna shard was found in the spring under the citadel).

    On the other hand, Bellerophon mentioned that he got the Eartheart mushroom from "the leader of the Seldane" to Charax, who didn't so much as bat an eye. Its likely that he was just oblivious, but it could be that the mages know more than they let on.


    Ignae is listed in the beastiary as a "Firespirit" (which is what he is designated as before you talk to him).


    The Sylphs are not only listed in the bestiary, but sometimes mentioned in the random innkeeper gossip--through a description that couldn't possibly describe anything else--when you order a drink. What I find strange is that the encounter with a "glowing light in the woods" was apparently a recent encounter, since Ur Sylph is imprisioned and his people are apparently dead (although he may be mistaken--or lying).


    Because of the widespread panic that would be caused by revealing the existance of elementals (as well as the amount of credibility it would strain on the behalf of the witnesses') it is likely that it would be kept relatively quiet.

    There is a precedent for this: The mages have kept quiet about the existance of kesh, the spy in the Land King Hall, and the Cipher Manuscript are known only to a select few. The only reason that word of the Shapeshifters (who are not necessarily recognized as the Undine by the public) got out is because it was impossible to hide (Naxos and Malis are usually present in council when you take Dryas to Berossus, so we can infer that their presence is canon), and Halos would have remained unjustly imprisioned otherwise.

    By the end of the game, however, the public will have likely come to their own conclusions (not all of them accurate). The more skeptical might believe that the mages were attempting some matter of complicated hoax to retain power as Alaric's influence waned, while the more accepting might speculate as to whether or not there is any truth in the old legends.

  • The bartenders gossip when they sell drinks in the game :blink: ?

    Erm, that is—Yes, I knew that! Really!

    I had forgotten Bellerophon's comment to Charax. Possibly he feels the mages understand the situation better than nobles such as Thuria?

    On another note, I'm tempted to expand this topic to speculation about life in Cythera before, during, and after the game.

  • QUOTE (Selax @ Sep 25 2009, 11:01 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

    The bartenders gossip when they sell drinks in the game :blink: ?

    If you buy enough drinks, you'll get a temporary "confused" debuff to simulate you getting drunk too.

    If you want information about how the state of Cythera is, try talking to people about Alaric. The answers of the judges and Lindus I found especially interesting.

  • We need a history topic more likely.

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