Need help

  • In recent years since I've played this, I wasn't very good at Cythera.

    Well since I haven't played this game for ages, and since I'm older I may know what to do. Anyway can anyone tell me what I am supposed to do again and give advice?

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  • You're supposed to cure Alaric! :P

    Basically, talk to lots of people, accept the tasks they ask you to do (except maybe the wine contract one), and then do the tasks! Fetching cities will probably make the game impossible to complete, by the way ^_~

    And given the time of year, I definitely recommend using Magpie's Pumpkin Patch, which is available for download on Cythera's add-ons page ^_^

    Have fun adventuring!

  • Never heard of Magpie's Pumpkin Patch before are you serious? wewt!! I am guessing there is more holiday plugins? :)

  • Unfortunately, no :( But Magpie's Pumpkin Patch is awesome! The potted plants turn into jack-o-lanterns, the leaves on the trees turn orange, and the magesses get cool witch hats ^_^ Am I forgetting anything?

  • Alright apparently I am screwed with this part.

    I decided since I was strong enough to go and get the Sword of Heroes. I made it and got to the lever and headed on. I ran into a few polyps and were all chasing me so I casted direct nexus. I went back and found out I was blocked out. <_<

    Anyone know what I am supposed to do noww????

  • You may be stuck with using Fetch on the portculis... I can't think what else you could do, except maybe remote manipulation if you can get to a place where you can see the lever.

    Good luck ^_^

  • I haven’t played it in a while either, but is the situation you’re describing that the portcullis opened/closed and then stuck that way after you left or that it was never possible to get past in the first place? If it’s the former, you will probably have to fetch it as 453 just said, or if it’s the latter, there should be a way to get past somehow.

  • Bombs might also work on a portcullis, but I don't know for sure.

  • I'm pretty sure they don't. Portcullis aren't supposed to be broken by anything IIRC, although you can still break them with the broken spell of Fetch. :)

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  • Fetch is just win like that. ^^

    Yep, the only thing you can do is Fetch it, unless you have enough hacking skills to work out how to move your character two squares left. My father tried it for ages, and had to revert to saved because he didn't know about fetch...

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