Happy Birthday, Cythera!

  • Remembering the 10th Anniversary of Cythera's Release

    Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, Cythera! Happy birthday to you!!!

    Yes, this isn't just any other birthday topic. It's to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Cythera's initial release! I wanted to do something special, but I didn't have time. I barely remembered to post this topic. . .

    As a a disclaimer, I wanted to mention that I don't know the exact date Cythera was released. Selax and I looked around for it but couldn't find one day everything agreed on. Everything did agree on a July/August/September 1999 timeframe. Personally, I think it was late August. But September's just as good a time to celebrate as any!

    If you haven't played Cythera yet (I can think of a few of you off the top of my head. . . ;) ) try it today! Although, you'll need sheepshaver to run it on anything nowadays, which there are fortunately some excellent tutorials on how to set it up easily found with a Google search. Or just download the music from under the addons off the link above to get in the Cytheran mood!

    For everyone else, when was the first time that you played Cythera? Or what made you decide to join the Cythera web board?

    My brother and I ran across Cythera on one of those old MacAddict CDs, I don't remember when. He didn't like it at first and deleted it. I tried it again later, and we both enjoyed it. It's one of my favorite role-playing games of all time, simply because the story is so well-designed.

    We both joined the forum because of the team stories primarily. Hard to believe that was five years ago now.

  • This is a great topic ^_^ Happy birthday, Cythera!

    I don't remember when I started playing Cythera. At first I just watched my big brother play it sometimes and thought it looked dead-boring. I wanted him to play a more interesting game to watch, like Harry the Handsome Executive, or Mars Rising. But at least watching him play Cythera was better than watching him play EV! Ugh...

    Eventually I had a go at playing it myself, and I loved it ^_^ I wasn't good at it at all, I just wandered around looking for interesting things to take. I figured since I was saving everyone, they'd be more than happy to give me any material possessions they had that I thought looked interesting. I'm not sure if I ever managed to save Cythera in that first game though. I remember one time after I cried to Mommy, she made my brother help me check off some of the things on my to-do list. I didn't think I'd ever be able to learn how to do them without his help!

    After a while I started reading the Cythera web-board, which at the time was a lot more active and had a prettier colour-scheme. It was the first web-site I ever visited. I enjoyed reading all the posts, but I really wished I could post too. My big brother told me I couldn't get an account because I would need an email address to get one. He also informed me that getting an email address was a very complicated process, and I wouldn't be able to get one for many years. It turned out getting an email address was pretty simple, but my brother was afraid I'd embarrass him if I started posting here.

    After what felt like forever, my daddy helped me sign up for a free email address, and I was able to get an Ambrosia account! The main thing I remember from that account is Slayer locking one of my threads :( He locked it just as Kat had asked me a question about Digimon! At the time, I was very obsessed with Digimon, would've been thrilled to have an excuse to go on a long rant about how awesome Digimon was! ... Okay, so maybe it's a good thing Slayer locked the thread at that opportune moment, but I still thought it was unjustly mean.

    It was years later that I made this account, and it still took me a while to work up the courage to join a TS. I never even read the TSs, they were so scary! The first TS I joined was the Ruffian Encampment, in 2006. At the end of that TS, I started trying to figure out how to use IRC. #cythera turned out to be a lot of fun, and a great place to become friends with the people I barely knew from the webboard ^_^ I even married one of the boys I "met" there <3

    My awesome computer that ran Tiger with Classic is not so awesome anymore. In fact, it's totally unusable. Zam's dad gave me a hand-me-down computer to use instead, and I'm very grateful for it! Unfortunately, it's running Leopard, and that SheepShaver thing looks very complicated. Where am I supposed to get an OS9 disc anyway? o.O But Shorty shares his computer with me when I want to play Cythera, so it's all good ^_^

  • Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you!
    We wish it was our birthday, so we could party too!

    I originally joined the Team Stories in late 2001 because ferazel_09 asked me to. When I realized that Avatara and I already knew each other, I panicked and ran away decided to stick around. :p It was probably sometime in the next couple years I actually played Cythera for the first time.

  • Tenth aniversary? Awesome!

    I first joined the boards in early 2005, mainly for help with games like Ferazel and EV Nova. It seems most of my early time on the boards became discussing dieing games and ranting about how they should be brought back.

    I had slowly began playing all of ASW's games after this and when I played Cythera I felt it was a good game, but not worth registering. I had gotten into the habbit of joining the boards of games I play and I even made a topic about my adventures in demo land. Even after I had gotten into the boards I was playing unregistered until one day.

    The banter in these forums was really enjoyable to me, mainly because there were people here still playing and interested in the game; something I had sadly not found in the boards for Ferazel's Wand and PoG.

    I feel like I'm the newest (long-term) member to this side of the boards, but I'm glad I came for sure (I'm also suprised to find out that like half you guys live almost next door to each other! :p).

    Cythera has to be my second favorite ASW game, only because I'm such a Ferazel junky. Those two games I mention all the time have taken the most of my computer gaming time so they deserve those spots.

    I guess I still can't shake that part of me that always is wanting to see these old OS 9 games see the light of day again. With Xsera and Avara X in development I feel a sense of hope, though I know it's probably false.

    Man, hate to end this on a sour note hmmm, let's see..

    Oh yeah,

    This has to be my favorite topic that I made on these boards.

  • An extremely belated happy birthday to Cythera! I may have forgotten its birthday, but not the game! :)

  • Indeed, happy tenth anniversary to Cythera :) . I had actually meant to post something on this in July or August but never got around to it.

    Since Wizard has already related how we got into Cythera, I will add only one or two more comments on joining the web board. I joined the forum mainly for the TSs as Wizard said. I got interested in TSs from reading chrons in 2002 or 2003. I gathered there was some source where some of these stories were coming from but never thought to check the "Cythera Web Board" link until 2003 or 2004. (These were really slow years from what I saw while I lurked. At one point, there were only one or two topics posted, none of which had seen activity in days.) When "Echoes from the Past" started and the board revived a bit in 2004, it proved too much of a temptation to ignore.

    Now, it's been five years, which seems unbelievable, and, in five days, I'll have been moderator here for two years, which seems even more unbelievable.

  • Uhh... An extremely belated Happy Birthday... To tell you the truth, I had no clue how old Cythera was, being only five when it came out... As far as I'm concerned, it's been around forever. ^^

    I remember watching dad play it when I was about seven, and it looked kinda cool. I also remember I though Meleager was a ghost... Anyway, a couple of years later I decided I wanted a go, and did so, and got nowhere because I was too impatient and too scared to fight anything...

    So I left it til I was about twelve, and then had another go. And this time I loved it, because I worked out that you could indeed beat the first set of ruffians, and it was all sweetness and light. ^^

    Then tragedy struck, and my computer had a hissy and I had to reinstall, and Cythera was no-where to be found. Neither was Classic. T.T

    But lo, there is light! For my sister, sitting next to me and reading the posts over my shoulder, has announced she has both Cythera and Classic, and that I can get them off her compy. Though why she didn't tell me that about a year ago I don't know... Grr.

  • Where've you been, CC?

    Good to have you back regardless. :)

  • Uhh...
    Long story. ;)
    But it kinda started with waaay too many Summer Shakespeare rehearsals, then I was writing every spare moment I had, and then it was just sheer laziness... >.< But then I felt the call of the forums, aka got a PM, and now I'm back. ^^ Hopefully to stay, but it might be a bit scattery, I'm currently doing NaNoWriMo... And exams... Which wasn't too smart, in retrospect, but I'm stuck with it now...

  • I hope you're working on the most epic Cythera chron (for NaNoWriMo) of all time! :p

  • I would have been if I'd thought of it... Next year? ^^

  • Welcome back, CrazyChick!

  • Indeed, good to see you around again, CrazyChick.

  • Warm fuzzlies. ^^
    I've finished NaNo ahead of schedule, so i might try to get cythera back on my compy in the next couple of days. Then I'll be a happy person and will play it lots. ^^

  • Happy Birthday Cythera I made you a present but it was across the room so I tried to retrieve it using the fetch spell... it didn't work...

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