Undine Lineup

  • "Our agents are everywhere, appearing as you do, and there is no way for you to know who is true and who is false


    Well after seeing this quote it got my mind rolling on the possible Undines in Cythera (Excluding Pelagon, Omen, and Tavara) I have managed to actually zone it down to a few people who are actually Undine. Atreus, the gem trader down in Kosha is the most obvious one, if you examine Tavara's diamond ring it will say 742 - Will to Union, then if you wait for Atreus to fall asleep and look in his desk he will have a plain gold ring saying 742 - Will to Union.

    I had also remember reading on the boards that Nothing, the guy in the upper lef hand corner of every map, was a possible Undine, however there is no physical evidence of this. So far I think he is just that, Nothing, a template or something but otherwise of no importance.

    Joppa, or as I remember him Timon's sister's crazy assistant. They've been exploring the ruins unharmed for who knows when and then when you arrive Larisa is packing up and heading back to Kosha. My personal theory is that Joppa killed Larisa and the guard and then took the guard's form(why else would he stay there). Why you ask? To make sure you took the Crolna, notice how Omen didn't speak to you when you took the crystal.

    The three brother's of the House of Comana, may or may not be Undine, but at least they are aware of them. When you are completeing find Opheltius's Murder Weapon, Darius (one of the three brothers) both accuses Halos and defends Pelagon.

    Any other thoughts?

  • Interesting…despite my early obsession with the undine none of this ever came across my mind. :D

    Except for Joppa. I was always pretty convinced that she was at least in line with the undine, even if not one herself.

    I doubt that the House of Comana brothers are undine. It makes more sense that they thought they would get more powerz and moneyz by working with the undine.

  • I don't think the Comana brothers are Undine. The game indicates that they are merely human pawns who don't really understand quite what they are mixed up in. Although they know somewhat of the Undine, it seems mainly to be in regards to their power.

    I agree that Atreus and Joppa are likely suspects for Undine. Personally, I suspect the guard remaining there is either due to him being stationed there regardless of Larisa's presence (to make sure that no one disturbs the ruins) or simply an unattended story element

    If one were to conjecture a bit, some of the innkeepers might be Undine, since, after all, this is a really good disguise in which to learn information and to keep an eye on things. They might also have an agent in Odemia (who took care of Antyphus), but that is only supposition (since we don't really know how he died).

  • I wonder how some of these undine would react to the current situation in Cythera. i.e. Dark Mirror situations. :p

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