Tyry Appreciation Thread

  • or whatever name you call him

    Ten years and two months ago*, history was made in the Cythera community. A new moderator was appointed to the forum, who has since become our longest-lasting moderator to date (by about twice as much, I believe.) In spirit of this (slightly belated) anniversary, it was suggested that we have a thread in which everyone can express their appreciation for our moderator Avatara, and for his ongoing dedication to the community. :)

    *I've been told by our newest devotee of Cytheran history that it was October 12, 2000, but haven't personally verified it.

    Being a moderator on the Cythera forums has never been about locking threads or disciplining members. I'm sure that's come up at times too, but mostly it's been about the community. Every mod has brought something unique to the forums, Slayer of course with his unmatched Slayer's Guide, and Selax with his extensive work pushing the game to its absolute limits and then documenting it for our perusal.

    Avatara is unique in being our only mod not to have finished the game :p but he's also been a driving force in the community and in the TSes for as long as he's been here. Particularly in the last few years, I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have got anything written if it weren't for him. He's encouraged our creativity and continued participation, organized great events like the Valentine's Day story from a few years ago, put up with debates that seem to just go around in circles, listened to over ten years of complaining and rambling, and he's still stuck around. That's pretty impressive.

    To celebrate this occasion, I've prepared a special poem:

    There once was a Cytheran named Tyrael
    Who refused to eat breakfast cereal
    He said it was too soon
    To eat before noon
    And thus wasted away poor old Tyrael.

    Now everyone, please feel free to step up to the mic and share your thoughts and feelings. :)

  • Ten years and two months is the new ten years!

    I tried to write a sappy sonnet about Tyry, but in the end, I'm not sure if it can be called a sonnet. Oh well, this is my sappy poem!

    Once upon a time there was a land
    This land was Cythera & it was grand
    The greatest people ever here were found
    But only one has always stuck around
    He deletes spam, he locks up lightsabers
    He pesters us to write, & his labours
    Are endless. All the work he does is kind
    His kindness kept him when we only whined
    While others attend kingdoms far away
    His kindness is what inclines him to stay
    Where'er he goes, a trail of joy he leaves
    Cause jokes, snap-shots, and puns fill up his sleeves
    If the most awesome mod decides to go
    Then all of us would feel so very low

    Thank you for being Tyry, Tyry! ^_^ You're a great moderator & a great friend too.

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    As requested.

  • .. I don't have a poem hides And I haven't really been around a whole lot the past few years (yes, this is euphemism for not at all), but it is really nice to see this forum still being used, team stories still being told, and by all accounts, this would not be so if Ty hadn't put in a lot of effort to make it happen. So thank you, for all your effort in the past 10 years and putting up with all of us (at one point or another) and still staying! ^_^

    P.S: I did actually draw a gift box* for you, but it's late and my scanner is playing dead <.< Maybe tomorrow it will work again.

    *it made sense at the time, I promise

  • Happy belated mod appreciation day, Avatara. (You want to be called Tyrael? Change your forum handle or just log onto IRC more often :p)

  • Well being four days late to the party doesn't seem to have changed anything!

    Hm, somehow I don't think I know the guy (or his characters) well enough to write something cool and fancy about him. But hey, it's the thought that counts! Not the word count!

    Thanks for being a cool mod and co-writer for the short time I've been a part of these boards Avatara!

  • If this was way too many of our TS's I'd still be in plenty of time before the party got started, so I must not be too late!

    _A 6' figure in flowing garb joins the celebrants' circle & watches as several members present their gifts to Avatara. Eventually a long pause appears in which none stand before the guest of honor's throne. The young man steps out into the opening & speaks.

    "I have not been here as long as some, nor as short as others. I have not rehearsed my speech. ahem In my experience, & my study of the annals of this good company, I have noticed countless times that when the rest of the company is struggling to develop a coherent story, it is generally Avatara who gathers all the loose threads together & gives those starting to feel overwhelmed new hope to produce the excellent tales which this company is known for.

    Thank-you Avatara. May your reign always be as happy as nostalgia promises.

    bows & steps back into the shadows_

  • I apologize for my belated reply. I've been having difficulty deciding what to say ;) .

    I think that Avatara deserves much of the credit for the continued success of the web board and of the Team Stories. He is very adept at working with diverse members and tolerating sometimes crazy ideas (usually mine ;) ). He is also very good at keeping a story on focus and tying up loose ends. On a more personal note, he trusted me enough to recommend me for this job and has tolerated my endless complaints about school, both things for which he has my gratitude.

    Also, 453, you should have just reposted your account of Tyrael's funeral. :p

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