Valentines Day Challenge!

  • That's right, I went there!

    Alright people, love is in the air, even in Cythera. Now it's your job to write about it. I issue this challenge, a hearty glove across the face of every writer here, to write a story about love based in Cythera. There will be few rules or requirements but I'll list them all here:

    - The story should be based in Cythera.

    - Characters can be NPCs, existing writer characters, or ones you make up specifically for this challenge!

    - The love does not need to be Romantic love, but should in some way be touching.

    - You have the month of February to write it.

    I'm thinking there should be bonuses for doing certain things in your story, but I'm not sure what those should be. Suggestions? (I'm looking at you Valy :) )

  • This challenge is really hard, & I give up :x

  • I just spent most of a week writing a short post in one of the TSs...

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