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    Which class do you typically play as when you start a new game?
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    I'm sure there's been a topic about this in the past, but I don't remember ever posting in one, so here goes! When Seldane mentioned in the List of Odd Items topic that he got the edible device after starting a new Rogue character, it made me wonder what classes are people's favorites/usuals. And no, despite what everyone may think, I do not play as the Wizard class :p

    When Selax and I first played Cythera years ago, we played as a Beserker. I have tried several other classes since that time, but I've come to prefer the Mage class over all the others simply because Mages seems to have the most magic potential (even though Mystics have 6 mana points at the beginning, it's very odd).

    What about everyone else? Do you have a favorite character class?

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  • I seem to recall it quickly becoming irrelevant what I had chosen initially. I'm pretty sure I picked Explorer the first time, and I don't see any reason to choose differently on another play-through, given the flexibility of all the classes.

  • I usually use Explorer because it's balanced enough, but I found that the starting points distribution really doesn't make much of a difference and I hack most of my saves anyway. :p I suppose having more magic potential might be better though, since it's rather hard to up your mana compared to other stats.

  • I always play as rogue, since it has the detect secrets perk. It is wonderful. :) Spoileriffic, yes, but convenient. It also has another specific skill, but I do not remember what it was.

  • You can get this from the Ratcatcher’s Guild as well, but I suppose it might be useful to have earlier in the game.

  • Back when I was spamming the demo, I made swordsmen/beserker games until I got to Pynx and then I made explorer games, until I wanted to probe Cythera more then I stuck with rouge, to add some color to my cheeks, but seriously, the rogue seemed the best since it wasn't terrible stat wise and had the ability (which I think I thought was a perk, but.. don't you still have to learn it anyway?).

    How often did people switch genders when playing? I've played as both a few times. I'm also curious as to which portraits people chose, if I had a line up, I could prbably point out the ones I'd normally go with.

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  • @two-jacks_bot, on 10 February 2011 - 03:26 AM, said in Character Class:

    How often did people switch genders when playing? I've played as both a few times. I'm also curious as to which portraits people chose, if I had a line up, I could prbably point out the ones I'd normally go with.

    I played as female a couple times out of curiosity but most of the time I go with male. As for portraits, I used to always go with the first one out of laziness, but recently I’ve been using the second one a lot.

  • I always use the first portrait (of both male and female) since they look kind.

  • For female I always used the one with red hair since the sprite has red hair, but then again the male sprite is blond and none of the portraits are blond. :p

  • I'm boring, I usually play Explorer. Partially because it's well-rounded & I don't like making choices, and partially because that occupation just sounds so much fun! But I do enjoy using Pandora's Box, so when I'm using that it really doesn't matter which class I start as.

    I usually play a girl because I like being a girl. When I was younger, I used to always choose the third portrait because I thought it was the prettiest. However, I now dislike using that portrait because Ake AND Alcmena also have it. As far as I know, NONE of the other portraits in the game are repeated even once, but that one's repeated twice? What's with that? Anyway, so now I use the first or second portrait, whichever I feel like.

    I've started a game as a boy a few times, mostly to see if that had anything to do with the mushroom steak, but I don't have a favourite portrait with the boy options.

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  • Yeah, it always bugged me how that portrait is used three times. They have different borders, too, so they must have been three individual images which is even weirder.

  • Which brings me to another questio. I assume Marcus Conge made the portraits. But are they photos of real people? Do we ask him? :) Some portrait seem to be drawings, like Meleager, though.

  • Some portraits don’t even look human (look at Pelagon (who isn't human but that's beside the point) and Pheres for example). You can ask him to see if he remembers. :)

  • @two-jacks_bot, on 10 February 2011 - 03:26 AM, said in Character Class:

    I'm also curious as to which portraits people chose, if I had a line up, I could prbably point out the ones I'd normally go with.

    The usual suspects

    For male characters, I often use the third portrait. I think the first one looks a little silly, and the second one just looks weird. For female characters, I always use the red-haired one for the same reason as Buzzzzy. It makes sense to me to use the portrait that matches the sprite. The second female portrait doesn't look real at all. I think the third one looks very pleasant, but it is over-used in the game as it is.

    I agree about NPC portraits. Some of them look kind of normal, but some just look strange. Like multiple pieces of pictures have been cut and paste around into one image.

  • I think always went second for male and first for female.

  • The second female picture certainly looks like a drawing. I wonder if anyone's ever used it. :)

  • Yeah, I've used the second female portrait upon occasion. I kind of like it ^_^ But I think she looks sickly.

    I never thought it was fair that the boy sprite gets to wear a skirt but the girl sprite has to wear pants :(

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  • Well, technically it’s a kilt, and equivalent female skirts of ancient Greece aren’t exactly suited to adventuring and scylla-slaying. ;)

  • I'm surprised no none else really plays as magic characters. I suppose it's true that the classes are all flexible and can do about anything, but they're not completely the same. The starting attributes "Body," "Reflex," and "Mind" are different across the archetypes, for the most part, and I think these take 4 training points. That's probably why I've always found it easier to get more mana with a mage than with other non-magic classes.

  • To be honest I don’t really use magic all that much. The only high-cost spell that I use frequently is Fetch, which I tend to use more frequently in games that have enhanced (hacked) stats anyway. I suppose if you were to make frequent use of magic, though, the magic characters would be quite effective.

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